With Opening Day less than a month away, spring training is in full force as teams get ready for another long haul of the upcoming 2018 MLB season. Not only are the players prepping for the upcoming season, so are Vegas sportsbooks.

Wagering on baseball brings in hundreds of thousands of dollars per day throughout Las Vegas, but some of the most popular wagers take place before the season even begins. Prop bets on over/under win totals and World Series champions are always a popular play, and this year is no different.

Astros, Dodgers lead the way

When it comes to which teams the MLB experts believe will walk off the field victorious the most in 2018, the honor belongs to the Houston Astros and Los Angeles Dodgers.

Listed at a win total of 96.5 each, Houston and LA are far and away the oddsmakers favorites to advance to the World Series in 2018. Right behind the two front-runners is a three-way tie for second overall between the New York Yankees, Cleveland Indians and Chicago Cubs at 94.5.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, the detroit tigers and Miami Marlins are the lowest on the win total odds board. Detroit is listed at 68, while the Marlins are set at 64.5.

Five bold predictions

Which teams will live up to expectations in 2018?

On paper, it all looks easy, however, if the favorites always won, there would be no surprises. Here are five predictions when it comes to hitting the win total for 2018.

Detroit Tigers - Sure the Tigers sold off nearly every big name in their lineup, but they won’t be as miserable as experts think, and that is because of Ron Gardenhire.

Just like Jim Leyland, Gardy won’t tolerate bad play.

Pick - Over 68

SF Giants - With Madison Bumgarner back, and the additions of Andrew McCutchen and Evan Longoria look for the Giants to rebound from a disappointing 2017 season.

Pick - Over 81

New York Yankees - Last season the Yankees won 91 games, yet finished two games behind the Red Sox.

Adding Stanton should push them towards 100 wins in 2018.

Pick - Over 94.5 wins

Chicago Cubs - The Cubbies should be good again in 2018, but the Brewers and Cardinals have improved their teams and should be even better this season as well. It will be a fight for the NL Central division, but 94.5 seem a bit high.

Pick - Under 94.5

Cleveland Indians - Just like the Cubs, they won’t catch teams by surprise like they did two seasons ago. They will, once again be good, but 95 games good?

Pick - Under 94.5

Below is a look at each teams' over/under win total for 2018.

  • Arizona Diamondbacks - 85.5
  • Atlanta Braves - 74.5
  • Baltimore Orioles - 73
  • Boston Red Sox - 91.5
  • Chicago Cubs - 94.5
  • Chicago White Sox - 68
  • Cincinnati Reds - 73.5
  • Cleveland Indians - 94.5
  • Colorado Rockies - 82
  • Detroit Tigers - 68
  • Houston Astros - 96.5
  • Kansas City Royals - 71.5
  • Los Angeles Angels - 84.5
  • Los Angeles Dodgers - 96.5
  • Miami Marlins - 64.5
  • Milwaukee Brewers - 84.5
  • Minnesota Twins - 82.5
  • New York Mets - 81
  • New York Yankees - 94.5
  • Oakland Athletics - 74.5
  • Philadelphia Phillies - 75
  • Pittsburgh Pirates - 73
  • San Diego Padres - 69.5
  • San Francisco Giants - 81
  • Seattle Mariners - 81.5
  • St. Louis Cardinals - 85.5
  • Tampa Bay Rays - 77
  • Texas Rangers - 77.5
  • Toronto Blue Jays - 81
  • Washington Nationals - 92.5