The New York Yankees trade rumors are a hot topic for fans in the Bronx, as many wonder if and when the Yankees will add a starting pitcher or two to the 2018 rotation. MLB rumors, just like any other sports rumors, seem to change by the hour. However, it looks as if the Yankees may not be vying for free-agents Lance Lynn or Alex Cobb anymore, as they seem to have come up with a different plan of attack for the upcoming season.

Lynn, Cobb off radar

Free agents Lance Lynn and Alex Cobb have both been rumored to be heading to the Bronx for the 2018 season, but according to a CBS Sports report, New York is evidently not interested in either of them - at least at this time.

Yankees manager Aaron Boone acknowledged free-agent righties Lance Lynn and Alex Cobb "aren't really in play" for the Yankees at the moment. The number one reason is New York is not looking to spend big or give up draft picks and international bonus money to sign a qualified free agent.

With that being said, over the weekend, are the Yankees content with what they have right now? Yes and no. Yes, because they don't want to crush the $197 million dollar luxury tax threshold, and no, because you just know that New York is all in this year and will make a move - money or not - to win the 2018 World Series.

If they are passing on free-agents that are as talented as Lynn and Cobb, a trade deal is most likely on the horizon.

Trade deals loom

NY Post’s Ken Davidoff has indicated that several pitchers are on the Yankees radar, but a deal with any of them could depend on how the upcoming season plays out. Possible trade targets for the Yankees include Tampa Bay’s Chris Archer, Toronto’s J.A. Happ, Texas’ Cole Hamels, San Francisco’s Jeff Samardzija and the Mets’ Matt Harvey.

You can add Detroit’s Michael Fulmer to that list of names also, because Fulmer's name seemingly never goes away when the Yankees are talking about acquiring a pitcher via trade.

With not much expected from Tampa Bay or Detroit in 2018, many experts believe that the Yankees could add Archer or Fulmer well before the trade deadline.

Toronto and Texas are both in semi rebuilds, but they still have the talent to contend. With Hamels becoming a free-agent in 2020, don't be surprised if Texas is ready to ship him off if the Rangers struggle early on.

You can bet that the team that struggles the most after the first 60-90 days of the season will be looking to strike some trade deals, and the Yankees phone may be the first one that rings.