No one would have ever thought that a hockey team in Nashville would be a success. Tennessee is, admittedly, an odd location to produce hockey fans, but the Nashville Predators have shattered all expectations. The franchise kicked off its first season in Music City in 1998, and the fanbase has exploded. While this season is almost over, it has been one of the best for the Predators, and you should jump at the chance to see at least one game before it is over. Here are 5 Reasons to get to Bridgestone Arena and watch the Preds skate circles around every other team.

1)The Preds are #1 in the NHL

Not only do the Predators lead the Central Division and the Western Conference, they are ranked as the best team in the entire NHL! Ignore the Tampa Bay Lightning fans who say that it is currently tied; the Lightning have the easiest division and conference, more regulation losses, and they have a shorter win streak than the Predators currently. The Predators are 48-14-10, which is an astounding record and makes them a favorite to win the Stanley Cup. Who wouldn't want to be able to say that they say the Predators play in the year they won the Cup (knock on wood)?

2) P.K. Subban is a monster on the ice

Subban is a relatively new addition to the team. Predator fans loved Shea Weber, and many were heartbroken when he was traded. However, few could have predicted just how incredible Subban would be for the team, and the fans are going nuts for him. He is almost unstoppable at defense, and he currently has 15 goals this season, which ties his current personal best.

With 10 games left this season, he could surpass his own record before the playoffs start, and that would be an awesome sight to see.

3) The Predators turn 20 this year

The Predators took to the ice 20 years ago, and there is a lot to celebrate. The team has produced some incredible players like Mike Fisher, Roman Josi, and Hockey Hall of Famer Peter Forsberg.

Last year, the Predators went to the Stanley Cup Final for the first time in franchise history. As a relatively new team in the NHL, the Predators have had a stellar first two decades, and every fan or potential fan should go be part of it.

4) Pekka Rinne might not be around much longer

The Predator's goalie is a household name around Tennessee, and he has definitely earned that. Aside from his performance in the 2015-2016 playoffs, Rinne has proven to be one of the most accomplished goalies in the league.

This season, Pekka boasts a .931 save percentage, which is his best in a season and simply inhuman. Unfortunately, he only has the remainder of this season and next season left on his contract, and there's no telling whether or not he'll be traded or retire soon. He is the third oldest player on the team, and the thirty-five-year-old Finnish goalie has more than earned a place in Predators history.

6) Bridgestone Arena is electric during games

It is hard to describe just how crazy the stadium can get during a hockey game, and it has always been like this. Even in the earlier days of the Predators, fans still loved to blow their Jordin Tootoo whistles and go ballistic when the players skated out onto the rink from between the fangs.

Tennesseans lose their minds when their team is on the Power Play, and whether you are sitting next to the ice, up in the Fan Zone, or in the nosebleeds, Predator fans blow the roof off of the arena when the horn goes off for a goal.

There are only five home games left in the season, so you better hurry up and get your tickets!