Nick Foles led to the Philadelphia Eagles’ to their first Super Bowl win in franchise history, as the 29-year old quarterback won the 41-33 shootout over Tom Brady and the Patriots. This past season, the Buffalo Bills made the playoffs for the first time in 17 years. The Bills had the Jacksonville Jaguars on the ropes in the AFC Wildcard game but could not get a touchdown and struggled at moving the football. They lost 10-3. Buffalo’s starting quarterback Tyrod Taylor has been inconsistent and seems to lack that franchise play that can advance Buffalo in the post-season.

Enter Nick Foles, who stepped in for a hurt Carson Wentz and won the Lombardi trophy. With Wentz on the roster and Foles’ trade value multiplying after his Super Bowl 52 victory, letting Foles be a starter, on a team such as the Bills, can help both teams. Here is why Nick Foles is perfect for Buffalo.

Foles is fearless at pulling the trigger

Unlike Tyrod Taylor, who is reticent to throw the ball down the field, Foles takes shots all over the field. His 373-yard performance in Super Bowl 52 shows that he is a first stringer. He fit the ball into tight windows in the Super Bowl and threw touchdowns to Zach Ertz and Alshon Jeffery. Foles hit Nelson Agholor in some tough sideline passes through double coverage.

Foles outperformed Tom Brady, which is hard to do. Taylor has held the Bills back by holding the ball too long, and not taking chances when the team needs to score.

The Eagles’ quarterback and Bills are peaking at the right time

Foles is peaking at just the right time. Buffalo has broken through that stifling playoff curse, and Foles took his team to the big game and won it.

The Eagles’ leader also played an incredible NFC Championship game against the Minnesota Vikings. Foles racked up 352 yards and three touchdowns in the 38-7 victory, as stated by With Buffalo’ s defense coming on strong this year, safeties Micah Hyde and Jordan Poyer one of the best in the NFL, Foles will probably not need an offensive shootout for the Bills to get wins.

He looks decisive and confident, a quarterback style that the Bills need.

Buffalo and Foles epitomize the underdog role

Those dog masks that Eagles’ fans wore in the post-season signify their underdog role. The Bills lived that underdog role, many sports experts only predicting them to win a handful of games this year. Many people also counted Foles and the Eagles out of the Super Bowl match-up when Carson Wentz hurt his knee that ended his season. The Bills and Foles exceeded expectations and proved that underdogs can succeed and even walk away with the Lombardi trophy.

Foles is that hard-working leader that Bills’ coach Sean McDermott and GM Brandon Beane like. Character is a high priority for them, and Foles fits the bill with his humble nature and avoidance off-the-field issues.

Foles is a team player that Buffalo can fall in love with this year.

The Bills pick low in the 2018 draft

Buffalo’s chances of getting their hands on the better quarterbacks, such as Josh Rosen and Baker Mayfield, without trading and moving up the board in the 2018 draft are low. The Bills pick 21st and 22nd in the first round. With quarterback-needy teams, such as the Cleveland Browns, New York Jets, and the Denver Broncos picking early in the first round, Buffalo may have a better shot at landing Foles. The Bills have stockpiled draft picks this year but losing them to draft an unproven quarterback may not be the best move. Foles has shown what he can do and is a franchise quarterback. Therefore, signing the Super Bowl MVP and then building around him with wide receivers from the draft seems smarter.

Congratulation Nick Foles on your Super Bowl. Now, go out there and snag him Beane and McDermott.