Philadelphia Eagles’ fans bit their nails, as Tom Brady tried to complete a Hail Mary in the end zone on the last play of the game. It looked like Rob Gronkowski might haul it in, but the Eagles defense made sure the football did not land in a New England Patriot’s hands. As time expired, Philadelphia secured their first Super Bowl win in franchise history. Quarterback Nick Foles is the NFL’s unlikely hero and showed that a backup quarterback can play brilliantly when it matters. Foles threw for 373 yards and three touchdowns, as stated by Pro Football stats.

Here is how Nick Foles led his team to a 41-33 victory.

Foles fired right out of the gate

Foles marched the Eagles down the field on their first possession of the game. On target passes to receiver Alshon Jefferey and tight Zach Ertz, kept the drive alive. The series ended with kicker Jake Elliott nailing a field goal that gave the team their first lead. Tom Brady did his typical magic by leading the Patriots down the field on the next possession. Stephen Gostkowski connected on a field goal to make it 3-3.

Joe Cardona and Ryan Allen botch it up

Foles fired back on the next possession with a 34-yard touchdown pass to Alshon Jeffrey. However, Elliott shanked the extra point. This only gave the Eagles a 9-3 lead.

Tom Brady responded by moving the Patriots back down the field and tried to help the Patriots recapture the lead. However, as Joe Cardona snapped the ball to Patriots’ holder Ryan Allen, something went wrong. Allen mishandled the ball, which threw off Gostkowski’s timing. He missed the kick, something that is a rarity in New England’s Super Bowl performances.

Pederson’s decisions to go for it on 4th and 1 pay off

Eagles’ coach Doug Pederson took two 4th and 1 risks last night that paid off. In the second quarter, on a 4th and goal, the Eagles’ offense stayed on the field versus attempting a field goal. Pederson had dialed up the “Philly Special,” as fans watched Trey Burton throw a touchdown pass to Foles.

The former basketball player made it look easy, as he became the first quarterback to pull in a reception in the Super Bowl. What made the play even sweeter is that Brady dropped a pass from Danny Amendola earlier in the game, a trick play pass that should have been completed.

Pederson’s gutsy decision to go for it on 4th and one in the fourth quarter also proved to be the right call. Foles tossed a touchdown pass to Zach Ertz, who helped increase the score to 38-33. Giving the ball back to Brady with about two minutes left in the game is the last thing an Eagles’ fan wants. Brady gave it a valiant effort, but a strip sack on Brady put the football into Derek Barnett’s hands. With the ball now in Philadelphia’s possession, Foles helped to muster up a successful drive for a field goal by Elliott that proved more than enough to win the game.

When Brady’s Hail Mary throw fell short, Foles had become the first backup quarterback since 2001 to win a Super Bowl. Who was the last quarterback to do that? Tom Brady. . .

505 yards not enough for the G.O.A.T.

Despite Brady throwing for 505 yards and three touchdowns, the yardage was not enough. The strip sack turned the tide against Brady and the Patriots, who never really had control of the game. The Philadelphia Eagles are now the defending Super Bowl champions for the first time in the franchises’ history.

Enjoy this moment, Nick Foles and the rest of the team. You deserve it.