Nick Foles was never supposed to be playing in the Super Bowl in ten days. The Philadelphia Eagles back-up was never supposed to be playing this year. However, when Carson Wentz went down with a torn ACL in Week 13, Foles took over for him. Foles had the game of his life last week in the NFC Championship match-up. Philadelphia crushed the Minnesota Vikings 38-7. Everyone loves an underdog story, and Eagles fans might just get it when the Foles-Brady battle happens on Feb. 4. Can Nick Foles win the Lombardi trophy and be another Kurt Warner story?

Foles is 2017’s golden boy underdog

Tom Brady was the underdog who took over for Drew Bledsoe. We all know the rest of that story... .Kurt Warner was bagging groceries before he replaced an injured Trent Green and won Super Bowl XXXIV for the St. Louis Rams. Foles has not been packing eggs, but he has been shuffled around to different NFL teams over the past six years. Originally drafted for the Eagles in 2012, he ended up playing for the Rams, the Kansas City Chiefs, and then returned to Philadelphia last year behind Wentz.

In his first three years with the Eagles, Foles threw for 46 touchdowns. While those numbers may not set the world on fire, Foles also had running back LeSean McCoy on his offense.

Shady rushed for over 1600 and 1300 yards in two consecutive seasons. This year, Foles is peaking at just the right time. Unlike Brady, who almost lost the AFC Championship game to the Jacksonville Jaguars last week, Foles hit the 352-yard mark, as stated by Fox Brady only had a pair of touchdowns. Most of the G.O.A.T.’s first half was unimpressive.

An unexpected storybook ending is better than Brady

Nick Foles winning his first Super Bowl would be a bigger story than Tom Brady winning 6 Super Bowl rings. Eagles’ fans will be wearing their underdog masks and pulling for Foles. The Eagles quarterback has plenty of offensive weapons in Alshon Jeffery, Zack Ertz, and Nelson Algohar.

Running backs Jay Ajayi and former Patriot LeGarrette Blount have been solid for the team.

Only nine backup quarterbacks have won the Super Bowl. Doug Williams, Jeff Hosteler, and Roger Staubach top that list. Foles could be the tenth quarterback to do it. There are no confirmed “gates” that the Patriots need to get over this year unless you count “Hand-gate,” the mystery cut on Brady’s hand that required stitches and that he refused to discuss before the AFC Championship game. One could also argue for “Referee-gate,” the three overturned touchdowns that helped the Patriots win some games this past year.

When Super Bowl 52 ends, Nick Foles could be the unlikely hero who foiled Brady’s game and threw off the Vegas line.

It would be the NFL story of this decade. And to think, it would have only taken 13 years for the Eagles and Patriots to have a Super Bowl rematch that ends in an upset.

Good luck, Nick Foles. You earned this moment.