Despite his grudge with the National Football League, Donald Trump will be holding a Super Bowl party at one of his private resorts in Florida. In response, the president's critics decided to lash out.

Trump and Super Bowl

It all began back at the start of the NFL season. Donald Trump was campaigning for Luther Strange, his pick in the Alabama special election primary race. During his speech, the former host of "The Apprentice" called out the NFL players who were protesting during the playing of the national anthem, referring to the players as a "son of a b*tch" and urging team owners to fire them.

Over the course of the next few months, a political line was drawn, as most conservatives took to supporting Trump over his stance on the national anthem, while most liberals supported the players.

Fast forward to present day and Trump has decided not to take part in the traditional presidential half time interview, and instead will hold his own Super Bowl party. As reported by ABC News on February 4, Trump, along with First Lady Melania Trump, son Barron, and others will gather together with friends at the Trump International Golf Club in Palm Beach, Florida.

Trump, while not a fan of the NFL at the moment, is known to be close friends with Robert Kraft, the owner of the New England Patriots, as well as MVP Tom Brady.

Trump sacked

Once the news broke that Donald Trump would be holding a Super Bowl party despite his opposition to the NFL, critics wasted no time firing back. "Wish I was going so I could kneel during the anthem.

Simply to annoy him!" one tweet read.

"Lordy, I hope there will be tapes , when Trump says something racist..." a Twitter user wrote.

"How much is he charging guests? The beast gets fed and makes money at a personal property," another tweet wondered. "While the stock market bombs! I don’t see him taking credit for that!" an additional tweet noted.

"Thought he didn't watch the NFL anymore?

I sure hope every single player kneels! If nothing else, it'll drive him nuts! hahahaha!" a tweet read. "Wonder how much taxpayers money he is spending this weekend? Misuse of taxpayers money charges should be on him cause he can pay for all these trips and other things himself," a social media user stated. As the backlash poured in, the New England Patriots get ready to take on the Philadelphia Eagles in Super Bowl 52 at U.S. Bank Stadium in Minneapolis, Minnesota with a kickoff time of 6:30 p.m. EST.