Cleveland Cavaliers, championship contenders last year, are having a hard time winning this season and they were on the receiving end of some ugly blowouts, it is unclear if they are going to come that far this year.

In their most recent game yesterday (Feb. 3) Houston Rockets wiped the floor with the Cavaliers rooster in a 120-88 blowout. While James Harden didn’t have one of his best nights (16 points in 31 minutes) the rest of the Rockets got the job done, Chris Paul finished the game with 22 points, 11 assists and an impressive eight rebounds and Ryan Anderson also had his moment ending with 21 points and eight rebounds.

Cavaliers struggled with their defense, which is common for them, but the surprising fact was that they didn’t do much on the offensive side of the floor either. LeBron James came up with 11 points in 31 minutes and Tristan Thompson, Cavs center, finished with only five rebounds in 25 minutes. Leading scorers for the Cavs were J.R. Smith and Isaiah Thomas with just 12 points, while Derrick Rose and Dwayne Wade had 10.They went 34-for-87 from the field and 8-for-30 from the three-point line. Which was really ugly.

Are Cavaliers having a bad season?

The things are going terribly so far for the Cleveland Cavaliers, the Cavs are sitting at the third seed with a 30-21 record and with so many new great players we would expect that they should be by far the best in the conference.

The biggest problem now for the Cleveland is Kevin Love’s hand injury, who is out for the next two months. Kevin Love has been a significant player for the Cavs this season with an average 17.9 points a game. So, with Kevin Love out, we are expecting Tyronn Lue to do something quickly, in order to salvage this Cavs season.

Many people believe that Cavaliers are going through their usual midseason struggles, but this time it is much worse.

However, the season is not over yet and we will see what will happen.

Houston deserves all the credit

At the other side, Cavs are not to be taken lightly, that was shown to us by the Houston Rockets who played extremely well so far. They hit 47.3 percent from the field, and 19 of their 51 three-pointers in this game. As mentioned before, Chris Paul and Ryan Anderson are getting the most credit for this win with combined 43 points and 16 rebounds.

With 38-13 record they are the second seed in the much stronger Western Conference right behind the Golden State. If they continue to play at this level we may even see them in the finals.