When parody songs are made about you, you know you have arrived. Especially if they are meant in a kind way. Right now, Patriots wideout Danny Amendola is becoming a legend in the New England region, but a recent song created for his clutch play on the field is getting Patriots fans fired up for this weekend's Super Bowl - and it is getting a ton of views on the internet.

Proving them wrong

Danny Amendola is proving that you can do anything if you work at it. For a wide receiver that didn’t put up eye-catching numbers in college at Texas Tech University, and was signed by the Dallas Cowboys as an undrafted free agent in 2008, yes undrafted, Amendola continues to rise to legendary status with Patriots fans.

His overall numbers with the Patriots don’t blow you away, in fact in terms of a fantasy player, Amendola probably wouldn’t cross your mind to select him until the later rounds. However, when the game is on the line this guy always seems to come up big - so much that Pats fans are writing songs about him. From key game-tying or winning touchdown catches, to the all-important two-point conversion that sent last year's Super Bowl into overtime, it seems that Amendola is Mr. Clutch for New England.

In the AFC Championship Game against the Jacksonville Jaguars, Amendola hauled in seven receptions for 84 yards, including two touchdown receptions in the fourth quarter, and a key 20-yard punt return to set up New England's winning touchdown as the Patriots rallied from being down 20-10 to win 24-20 and earn a trip to Super Bowl LII.

Amen-Dola a chart climber in Boston?

On the heels of a recent parody of the song “Lola” by the Kinks, a remake of Leonard Cohen's "Hallelujah" has fans buzzing. Of course, the lyrics have all been changed to bring glory to Amendola, but honestly, the writers of the song deserve some serious props. It’s great! Even if you don’t like the Patriots as a team, you have to admit that the way this song was put together is pretty cool.

According to Patriots.com, the parody was written (or should I say re-written) by Ian Cunningham and performed by Ian Biggs with guest vocals by Amy Vento, Sarah Gonzalez, and Gina Jeannette. They all did a great job. Now all Patriots fans would love to hear more than this great parody is a post-game show of announcers saying the words "The New England Patriots are 2018 Super Bowl champions!"

Amendola may have a bigger than usual chip on his shoulder in Super Bowl 52 than other players on the field, and here is why.

Back in 2009, Amendola was on the Eagles’ practice squad, but he never got a chance to join the team to participate in a regular season game before being released. Obviously, someone missed out on Mr. Clutch by letting him go.

The Patriots will face the Philadelphia Eagles this Sunday, February 4, at US Bank Stadium in Minneapolis, Minnesota, in what should be an instant classic.