The Los Angeles Lakers had enormous expectations for Lonzo Ball the moment they selected the Chino Hills native at No.2 overall in the 2017 NBA Draft. But about four months into his pro career, it’s all becoming apparent now that Ball isn’t the transcendental talent Magic Johnson and Rob Pelinka thought he would be. Worse, the distractions created by his father’s off-court antics are starting to test the patience of the entire Lakers organization.

That said, the call to trade Ball and get rid of the hoopla surrounding his family is steadily gaining steam, with some analysts vouching for Magic to take action as soon as possible before it becomes deterrent to the Lakers’ goal of attracting marquee free agents this summer.

Veteran NBA scribe Ramona Shelburne, of ESPN Los Angeles, dropped several tidbits in her recent article about Lonzo Ball and the dynamic his family, particularly his father LaVar, presented to the purple-and-gold franchise.

She detailed the time when Magic lambasted LaVar in a private conversation after he openly criticized Luke Walton’s job as the head coach, the numerous calls the Lakers received from buyers inquiring about shipping delays of their BBB products even if the team is not associated with the brand and the recent disruption caused by LaVar’s threat of moving Lonzo elsewhere if the team decides not to sign his two other sons (LiAngelo and LaMelo).

Shelburne said one official told him that the Lakers view LaVar as someone who “reaches out with one hand and slaps us with the other.” All of a sudden, the Lakers’ environment has become tense, if not hostile, ever since bringing Lonzo on board.

Hype around Lonzo is fizzling down

While Lonzo has shown some promise, especially as a passer, NBA pundits are no longer buying the hype that he will be a game-changing player down the road. NBA scribe Chris Broussard pointed out on "Speak for Yourself" on FoxSports that Ball is looking more expendable in each Lakers’ victory without him.

He added that Lonzo because of LaVar is becoming a major obstacle for the Lakers in their quest of landing two superstars in free agency.

“I don’t think we have to say right now we gotta trade him [Lonzo], but right now need to start considering it,” Broussard said, if he was to advise Magic on Lonzo’s future in L.A. Broussard reiterated this again on Friday’s episode (Feb.

16) of the "Undisputed," stressing that Lonzo hasn’t lived up to expectations Magic set on the day he introduced the UCLA-product to the Lakers nation.

Possible trade route for Ball

Although the NBA season is already two weeks past the trade deadline, the Lakers can actually start pondering about their future, whether or not it includes Ball.

Jason McIntyre, editor-in-chief of USA Today-owned blog site "The Big Lead," is also a proponent of trading Ball elsewhere because of the circus he has brought upon the Lakers organization. He mentioned the Phoenix Suns as a potential trade partner since the franchise desperately needs someone who can fill empty seats in the arena. McIntyre believes the Lakers could ask for sharp-shooter Devin Booker in the hypothetical trade, though it’s pretty much a long shot as the Suns consider Booker a franchise centerpiece.

Ball missed the last 15 games and Friday’s Rising Stars Challenge with a knee injury. Without their starting point guard, the Lakers thrived with Brandon Ingram at the point as they went 8-4 before dropping their last three games since acquiring Isaiah Thomas and Channing Frye from Cleveland in exchange for Jordan Clarkson and Larry Nance Jr. Ball is scheduled to make his return on Feb. 23 against Dennis Smith Jr. and the Dallas Mavericks.