Los Angeles Lakers trade rumors hint at the team keeping Julius Randle. It might be a mistake, but the Lakers have only received offers that include future second-round picks for the former college star. It’s possible, though, that the Lakers decide to take one of those offers before the NBA trade deadline hits on February 8.

A report by USA Today confirms that these Los Angeles Lakers trade rumors are true. The report also states that the team has been trying hard to acquire a future first-round pick in exchange for Julius Randle. So, if there is a team that wants to acquire Randle, he is very much available at the NBA trade deadline.

Maybe a team like the New York Knicks would like to have his free-agent rights.

Will the Lakers end up accepting a lesser pick?

Julius Randle will become a restricted free agent at the end of the 2017-18 NBA season. This means that he is in line for a big payday and possibly will have to find it in free agency. Being a restricted free agent, the team with his rights has the opportunity to match any contract offer he might receive on the open market.

It’s because Randle is about to become a free agent that teams are balking at the asking price of the Lakers. The risk of losing him to free agency is seen as too great to give up a future first-round pick. That stance could change as the NBA trade deadline approaches though.

As the deadline gets closer, the Lakers may be willing to accept a pick that slots early int he second round of the 2018 NBA Draft.

Other NBA news

While these L.A. Lakers trade rumors are certainly intriguing, there is a lot going on around the league. The Boston Celtics may trade Marcus Smart in order to improve for the long-term.

It’s also rumored that the team has interest in Los Angeles Clippers center DeAndre Jordan. The Cleveland Cavaliers are also interested in acquiring Jordan to help out LeBron James. James could use the help after the team lost Kevin Love for the rest of the regular season to injury.

The Cavs and Celtics are both expected to be active in the final hours before the NBA trade deadline.

While they have been linked to blockbuster deals, their general managers may settle for role players who could help the team down the line. Still, fans of both teams are excited about the possibilities of landing players like Kemba Walker or Lou Williams before the clock runs out. Some available role players exist on the Los Angeles Lakers if a team is willing to offer up the right draft pick to get a deal done.