Boston Celtics trade rumors may have gotten very interesting. A Celtics trade of Marcus Smart could be on the horizon, as the team is looking to acquire a first-round draft pick. This raises some questions about why the team is trying to acquire a pick instead of a player. Maybe the team is trying to do both?

A report on ESPN has stated that Celtics general manager Danny Ainge is shopping Smart for a first-round pick. At the same time, the Celtics have been linked to several other trade discussions, with teams wanting first-round picks in exchange for their top players.

So maybe the Celtics want that pick to use it in a secondary deal.

Are the Los Angeles Clippers paying attention?

The L.A. Clippers have been shopping All-Star center DeAndre Jordan, likely making him the next big-name player to be dealt by the franchise. They already traded Chris Paul to the Houston Rockets and Blake Griffin to the Detroit Pistons. He has popped up in prior Boston Celtics trade rumors but was never seriously considered an option for the team. Then Ainge went out to sign big man Greg Monroe, showing that he did feel the team needed size. Could the Celtics land Jordan next?

The L.A. Clippers are looking for at least one first-round pick for DeAndre Jordan, with the possibility that a team might be willing to offer two first-round selections.

If these Boston Celtics trade rumors about dealing Marcus Smart turn out to be true, maybe Ainge is acquiring that pick to package with another one and send them both to the Clippers.

Are the Celtics good enough to win a title?

There were previous NBA trade rumors about the Cleveland Cavaliers pushing hard to acquire DeAndre Jordan.

Getting point guard Isaiah Thomas hasn’t gone as well as planned and the team just lost Kevin Love to injury. Adding Jordan to the mix would definitely give the team a great low post defender and an offensive rebounder on the other end of the court. Maybe Ainge is watching this very closely.

ESPN provided the surprise report about Marcus Smart getting shopped around the league, but maybe it is just Ainge trying to out-smart the other GMs again.

If he can find a way to land Jordan, not just to improve his own team, but to keep him away from the Cleveland Cavaliers, it would be seen as a huge win on paper. Maybe the Clippers would also send back Lou Williams as part of a package, giving the Celtics a second-unit scorer to replace Smart. It would also make it easier for these Boston Celtics to finally get back to the NBA Finals.