The Cleveland Cavaliers recently acquired 25-year old young stud, Jordan Clarkson in a trade that sent Isaiah Thomas and Channing Frye to the Los Angeles Lakers on Thursday night, along with the acquisition of Larry Nance Jr. This was a surprising trade as the Cavaliers had not had much time to experiment with 5 foot 9 superstar Isaiah Thomas, and already decided they had had enough.

Isaiah had yet to find his self after being a top-tier scorer in the league last season and was shown to be a defensive liability for Cleveland this season. Cavs general manager Koby Altman and owner Dan Gilbert had no time to mess around and looked for a way to get rid of Thomas before the trade deadline.

They found a deal that interested them, that was from the Los Angeles Lakers, as they focus on young talent over veterans.

One of the young pieces they received was the 6 foot 5 guard from Tampa, Florida. The half Filipino half American born star has been a solid piece to the Lakers team over the last few seasons and has yet to be involved in the highly competitive playoff basketball action, but now has the chance.

Clarkson has expressed his ecstatic enthusiasm towards truly prosperous potential. The new opportunity he has indulged in will create a further progression in his NBA career, as Steph Curry exclaimed that he has true potential. Where this new move in his career will lead to is uncertain, yet after an analysis of the common trend, this move in his career will likely create a possible potential gain in his retirement.

Clarkson wants a ring

The Cleveland Cavaliers have spent their last three seasons in the NBA Finals, winning in 2016 and falling short in 2015 and 2017. With this success, the expectation is always fighting for a championship for a LeBron James led team. Jordan Clarkson knows this and he is ready for the long haul, he recently took to his Instagram account to express this.

The Los Angeles Lakers organisation obviously meant a lot to the youngster and he appreciated all the time he spent there, but for Clarkson it’s all about winning, and the new challenge of competing for a title alongside LeBron James is something that excited him.

Have the Cavaliers improved?

The trade deadline was a huge time for the Cleveland Cavaliers, losing superstars Derrick Rose, Isaiah Thomas, Dwyane Wade and gaining significant role players including George Hill, Rodney Hood, Larry Nance Jr and of course Jordan Clarkson.

This change of roster has shown a decrease in the average age of a Cavalier player and increased the three-point shooting percentages and free throw attempts. So while off the bat, this doesn’t seem like a great change of scenery for the Cavs, but after losing 14 of their last 20 games, maybe any change is a good change and we may see a more successful Cavs team in the near future.