As expected, and as seen in the past, when LeBron James is in the last year of his contract, there is always a lot of talk about where he may take his talent to next season if he doesn’t wish to re-sign with his current team. It all started in the 2009-10 season, when young LeBron’s contract with the Cleveland Cavaliers was coming to an end, and the lack of success and talent that had surrounded the King in his first seven years led him to the exit.

He decided to take his talent to South Beach and join Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh in Miami. This was a successful run as he was able to grasp two NBA championships in four seasons.

But, he was faced with the same situation once again in 2014, and he went with his heart and took his talent back to the Cleveland Cavaliers. One championship later and the struggles of “believeland” are making noise in the NBA, and it looks more and more like after the 2017-18 NBA season, when LeBron’s contract is up, he may decide to make another move, especially if he once again suffers defeat in the NBA Finals.

Teams like the Los Angeles Lakers, the Miami Heat, the New York Knicks, the Houston Rockets, and the San Antonio Spurs have all been thrown around as possible options for King James in the 2018 offseason, but one team that has not been mentioned or talked about is the Golden State Warriors, and new information has a lot of people fearing that the unthinkable might very well happen.

LeBron will 'listen' to the Warriors in the offseason

As expected, LeBron James will become a free agent in the 2018 NBA offseason and will be thrown invites to meetings from various teams around the league that believe they can entice him to join them, while having enough cap room. According to Chris Haynes of ESPN, James could opt out of his contract this summer and meet with teams, including the defending NBA champions, the Golden State Warriors.

The Warriors have a winning attitude and they will do whatever they can to shock the world even more, by luring even more talent to their team. They are expected to make a run at King James in Free Agency, and convince him that he will win many more rings playing alongside Steph Curry, Kevin Durant, Klay Thompson and Draymond Green.

How can it happen?

Although LeBron James is not all about the money, as we’ve seen in the past with pay cuts he has taken for the betterment of his team, the Warriors will still need to offer King James a substantial contract if they even expect him to consider them. So, if Golden State can create a max salary slot this offseason, they can position themselves to have a meeting with LeBron James, and it has been reported that LBJ would listen to what they have to say.