The upcoming NBA All-Star game will, once again, feature Team Lebron taking on Team Stephen. The two monumental superstars attended the draft to determine the two teams and, since then, it has been utter chaos.

Team Stephen appears to be a well-oiled machine. Team Lebron, on the other hand, is facing almost as much adversity as Lebron's Cleveland Cavaliers.

Four members of Team Lebron have gone down with serious or season-ending injuries. DeMarcus Cousins and Kristaps Porzingis were lost for the season to Achilles and ACL injuries respectively, while John Wall and Kevin Love hope to be back in time for the playoffs.

If they are lucky, they just might.

At the very least, they will not be playing in the All-Star game.

Freak injuries

It is a common occurrence for professional athletes to suffer serious injuries. Usually, it is the NFL that sees a large number of its star players go down for the season. Just this year alone you could compile a championship roster just from the guys who lost their season to injury.

In the NBA, it isn't as often that we see star players suffer serious injuries. It has only been a few weeks since the All-Star teams were announced and Team Lebron finds itself down a quarter of their roster.

Kevin Love hurt his shoulder and John Wall underwent minor knee surgery. Those two injuries are somewhat commonplace and both players should return within the next two months.

It is the injuries to DeMarcus Cousins and Kristaps Porzingis that are more alarming. Cousins went down when his Achilles tendon popped and just this week the same thing happened to Porzingis' knee. Those two injuries will require surgery and it may be up to a full year before either player is healthy enough to play.

The new Madden curse

The most famous sports curse these days is the infamous Madden curse. The curse is predicated on the idea that the cover athlete for the year's annual Madden video game will either get hurt or have a poor performance in the upcoming season. Countless players fell victim to the supposed curse, leading to more and more people buying into the pseudo myth.

It is an amusing concept as injuries in the NFL are so common that to place blame on a video game cover is just silly. Finding a reason to explain a sudden injury has a way of making fans feel more at peace when tragedy strikes.

This new Lebron curse will likely stick around in the public's mind as this will not be the last All-Star game that James is a captain of.