The Cleveland Cavaliers are heading into the trade deadline with more than one position of need. The team has struggled mightily and now finds itself closer to missing the playoffs than they are to the top of the conference, where they assumed they would be right now.

LeBron James has been vocal at times about the need to shake things up and bring in a player who can help put them over the top. Ideally, that would have been the return of Isaiah Thomas. However, Thomas hasn't quite been the same player since returning from his hip injury which may mean that he is not fully healthy.

Cleveland Cavs need to make a move

The team has been active in recent trade discussions but are quickly finding that the market is full of sellers with few buyers. Attempts to entice teams with a package of Tristan Thompson and JR Smith, along with one or more first-round draft picks have been met with lukewarm interest at best.

This team, as currently assembled, likely does not have much of a shot in the playoffs. The injury to Kevin Love further hurt the team's chances. He should be back in the playoffs, though it likely won't be enough to save the season.

Without a title this year, Cleveland heads into the 2018-19 season with serious questions. Lebron is likely again to leave as he and owner Dan Gilbert are once again feuding.

Should the team really mortgage their future for a slightly better chance to win now?

The speculation is leading to what was once thought to be unthinkable. Would Cleveland really trade Lebron James? Teams are inquiring about his no-trade clause so the interest is there. The return could also set Cleveland up to be somewhat decent team next season without having to tank and hope on the lottery.

What teams are in play?

Several general managers have expressed interest, but at this point Lebron seems determined to ride things out this year in Cleveland. The ability to control his destiny with free agency is well known and any team that did trade for him would surely know they are likely getting a rental player for this season only.

Regardless, for teams like Washington, Toronto, Minnesota, and San Antonio, adding Lebron could very well be worth it. A title means more to some teams that do not often reach the pinnacle. No matter what happens now or in the future, Cleveland will always have the title that they won with Lebron.

If Cleveland could convince Lebron that accepting a trade would be good for him, they could wind up with a massive return of players and picks. A first round pick this season might not be useful since those teams would be at the end of the first round. The Cavs could get creative though and use a late round pick to couple with their own and move up to the lottery. Adding to the Nets' likely lottery pick and the team would be in a good position to rebuild quickly.

A lot would have to go right for the Cavs to even think about trading Lebron. The return would be enticing, but without Lebron they may be looking at another title drought.