Over the last week, Vice President Mike Pence has taken a page out of Donald Trump's playbook by using Twitter to vent his frustrations. After representing the United States during the 2018 Winter Olympics in South Korea, the vice president had some strong words for North Korea on social media.

Pence on Trump

Upon arriving for the start of the XXIII Olympic Winter Games in PyeongChang, South Korea, Vice President Mike Pence made headlines for a variety of reasons.

First it was in response to Olympic figure skater Adam Rippon, who is openly gay, announcing he wouldn't meet with Pence due to the vice president's controversial stance on LGBT rights. After Pence nearly groveled to Rippon on Twitter, he went back on the social media platform to sound off on the status between the United States and North Korea.

In a pair of tweets sent out on February 13, Mike Pence didn't hold back his thoughts about North Korea.

"Back in DC. Proud to stand w/Japan & South Korea reaffirming our strong alliance," Pence tweeted. "Our policy regarding North Korea is unchanged from my trip. POTUS has said he 'always believes in talking' but there will be NO reward for talks," he added.

In a follow-up tweet, Mike Pence doubled down on his warning to North Korea.

"Despite potential talks, and irrespective of if they happen w/USA or S. Korea, new strong sanctions are coming very soon and the maximum pressure campaign will only intensify until North Korea abandons its nuclear program," Pence tweet, before adding, "All our allies agree!"

Moving forward

In response to Mike Pence's tweet, critics of the administration wasted no time firing back.

"Lol, a joke. Russian oligarchs are making billions selling to North Korea from ports north. Does Donald Trump and Putin get a cut? Where’s the pressure on Russia?" a tweet read.

"All of Congress and the Senate agreed on Russian Sanctions. What's up with those?" a follow-up tweet added. "What about your RUSSIAN friends? Ever going to get those sanctions in place...??" yet another tweet stated.

"Will these sanctions sit on the sidelines like the Russian ones? How many rubles did you end up with Mikey?" a social media user wrote.

"When will the Russia sanctions authorized by overwhelming majorities in both House and Senate be enacted? Please comment!!" a Twitter user wondered. "As the negative responses continued, it was clear that the opposition to the White House was only gaining stream.