Kansas City Chiefs linebacker 34-year-old Tamba Hali had a very stressful Friday morning, to say the least. No SUV owner expects to start their Friday with their vehicle missing, but Hali did. Even though Hali is a 13-year NFL veteran, that does not mean he is excluded from the possibility of being robbed.

The confused 13-year NFL veteran rapidly alerted the Twitterverse at 5:59 AM EST Friday morning. And a local radio station also tweeted about Hali's missing vehicle. Fans, friends, and supporters quickly retweeted, favorited and commented to try and spread awareness about the situation.

According to Fox 4 KC, Hali's Mercedes Ml 350 was stolen from the Westport area of Kansas City, Missouri. He did not comment on where exactly the vehicle was located prior to it being stolen.

Party Scene Of Westport Area Is No Stranger To Crime

One can assume the vehicle was probably located in or near Midtown-Westport, which is an entertainment area. This specific area of Westport is filled with DJ bars, restaurants, and festive brewpubs.

Interestingly enough, according to westportkcmo.com's Safety First section of the website, the public has identified something needs to be done to limit the carrying of weapons, crime, and violence in this area. But this should be no surprise since the area is an entertainment district, and is focused on bringing in a large population of people.

Whatever the case may be, Hali's vehicle wasn't missing for long. The Chiefs linebacker had an app called 'Mbrace,' which helped Hali locate his missing vehicle in Warrensburg.

Warrensburg is a city in Johnson County, Missouri, and is located approximately 60 miles from Westport. This would equate to about an hour long drive in between where Hali's vehicle was parked and where it was found.

Mbrace Technology Gets A Public Endorsement By An NFL Player

After locating his missing SUV, Hali quickly once again notified the public via Twitter that he found his vehicle thanks to a technology, equipped by Mercedes-Benz. A public endorsement from an NFL player certainly could help Mercedes-Benz with advertising some of their new vehicles and products. One of those new products is their first-ever pickup truck.

The Mbrace technology connects drivers to their Mercedes vehicles through a remote access from the driver's phone. According to Mercedes-Benz "Mercedes-Benz Mbrace connects you to your car from your smartphone or computer, bringing you a world of convenience and safety via intuitive technology and apps."

Because of the app, Hali was quickly able to locate his car, and eventually, the police found it.

The name of the person who stole the vehicle has not been revealed yet.