The Chicago Cubs came into 2018 without a specific player in the leadoff spot for the second straight year. While the team attempted to fit a square peg into a round hole in Kyle Schwarber as a leadoff hitter a year ago, it appears the team is going to be officially trying people out this time around. Joe Maddon talked to the Media on Friday and made it clear that the franchise is going to be putting people at the top of the lineup, in hopes of finding the guy who could do the job, for the most of 2018 at least.

Chicago Cubs need to find a leadoff hitter by opening day

The Cubs don’t want to be going into the 2018 season the same way they went into the 2017 season and that means this spring training could be more important than others the team has gone through in the last few years. “We’re going to try to audition the dudes we think might be in that spot,” Maddon told the Chicago Tribune.

He added that people shouldn’t read too much into Ian Happ being the first leadoff hitter of the spring. While it appears Ian Happ is indeed a candidate to be in that position, he’s far from the only candidate. Maddon has said before he likes the idea of having a switch hitter be in the leadoff spot because it makes it that much harder for other teams to plan their attack.

That's one of the reasons Happ and Ben Zobrist are two of the top options for the spot.

Who are the other leadoff candidates for the Cubs?

While Ian Happ and Ben Zobrist are the rather obvious choices for leadoff candidates, the fact that the Cubs have said they have four people they will try out has raised some questions. According to the Tribune has also said that Albert Almore is going to be a potential leadoff option.

That might be a bit of a surprise to some, considering the outfielder has not had a ton of time in that spot. A high on base percentage has never been something the player has had.

That still leaves the question of the fourth leadoff option. In the first two games of Spring Training, Happ and Almora have been the leadoff hitters.

Zobrist has been sidelined with a bad back so he hasn't had a chance to try that spot yet. It might be a little while before we see just who the fourth potential leadoff hitter is. At the moment, it doesn't appear as if there is an obvious choice. While Anthony Rizzo did bat leadoff a bit last year, the Chicago Cubs' first baseman has said that isn't going to happen this season. For now, it's just a guessing game as to who the club will continue to try out.