The NBA trade deadline is hours away from expiring at 3 PM and many teams are looking to make moves to be competitive or get better. In the case of the Cavaliers, that is about staying competitive as they lost the last eight games before breaking that losing streak last night and have generally been bad on both sides of the floor.

The Cavs have struggled immensely this season with a current record of 31-22. They have underachieved, even with all the talent surrounding them, including one of the best, if not the best player, LeBron James. The trade makes the Cavaliers better and helps them stay competitive in an up for grabs Eastern Conference.

The trade

The Cavaliers in the trade will be acquiring marksman Jordan Clarkson and big man Larry Nance Jr. This trade gives the Cavs two talented young players to give the group energy and needed offense. Both are great young players that will help them in the East.

But the Cavs will be losing assets in return in sending Isaiah Thomas to the Lakers, along with Channing Frye and their first-round pick. Multiple sources and an article by lists the trade details. While the Cavs are giving away assets, they needed to make a trade. The trade makes the Cavs better, but the trade is equal for both sides because they both gave away great assets.

Thomas experiment

The experiment with Isaiah Thomas has not worked out in Cleveland.

Thomas has been underachieving in the city and he has not been the same player since the hip injury. He has not been shooting well from the floor with the Cavs or had the same explosiveness scoring in the paint. He also has not had a connection with his teammates and has, subsequently, not been a good fit.

The article states that "he missed the first 36 games recovering from right hip injuries, and when he returned both he and struggled mightily." Thomas expressed his interest that he did not want to be traded, but his request will not be made.

Even in the locker room and on the court, he has been asking for the ball and it has not worked out as they thought it would after getting rid of Kyrie Irving.

What it means for the Lakers

The Los Angeles Lakers are on the rise and the trade gives them much-needed cap space to sign players in the offseason and more importantly LeBron James.

He has a big decision to make in the offseason and has been suspected to join a couple of teams. Paul George has expressed his interest in going to the Lakers and if the Oklahoma City Thunder do not do well in the playoffs or reach a Conference Finals, he could very well be on his way out.

The trade opens up the door for LeBron possibly joining the Lakers with Paul George. The Lakers now have the number one pick to make cap space or make another blockbuster trade. They were able to free up some space with the trade. The trade I believe complicates matters between Lonzo Ball and Thomas though. Thomas is such a ball dominant player and Ball likes having the ball in his hands and creating. It could work out though.

Regardless, the trade works out well for both teams. The Cavs will be getting two athletic players to help them make a run in the Eastern Conference, while the Lakers will be getting a pick to help them acquire assets in the offseason or build for the future. The Lakers get a good shooter in Fyre and a superstar in Thomas, but we will have to see if Thomas fits in L.A. Ultimately, both teams get better moving into the playoffs. Time will tell whether the trade helps the Cavs reach yet another Conference Finals.