The NBA season has been fantastic and very competitive. However, the league is always changing or evolving. Other sports like the NFL have suffered while the NBA has thrived.

Any avid fan knows that LeBron has a tough upcoming decision to make and that is choosing to stay with the Cleveland Cavaliers or going to another contender. Now, rumors are spreading that LeBron James could join the Golden State warriors this offseason. It was very surprising for me to hear that the Warriors could add James, and that he would even consider joining their already dominant team.

There would be many consequences across the NBA and it would ultimately shatter his legacy for the following reason.

The rumor

The idea that James would consider joining the Warriors has spread like wildfire across multiple sports outlets. The decision itself would have financial implications and spell trouble for the Warriors. Kevin Durant would have to take less money once again and players would have to be let go like Klay Thompson, among others.

LeBron James recently rejected the assumption that he would join the powerful team. An article by ESPN written by Tom Withers shares LeBron's response to the rumors, "It's nonsense, and it's a non-story," James said Friday following the Cavaliers' practice.

He continued, "I'm here, I'm right here, I'm right now and this is my present and this is where I'm at." James has denied such allegations, focusing on his team now that has been struggling for most of the season.

LeBron has a great mindset and he handled the situation perfectly. He will get to his decision when the time comes and I agree with him that this is a non-story.

When I first heard it on television I thought it was outrageous.

The Cavs' struggles

The Cleveland Cavaliers have struggled for most of the regular season and are risking dropping to the 5th or 6th seed, but I would not bet against LeBron because the Cavaliers usually struggle, but find a way to reach the NBA Finals year in and year out.

This year though looks different than any other as the team is playing lackluster defense and shaky offense. The Cavs must deal with not having Kevin Love in the lineup with a broken hand and Isaiah Thomas has not been the same. I believe that the Cavs will figure things out and roar back to make noise in the playoffs.

If it were to happen

If LeBron James joins the Warriors he would receive great backlash, even more than when he joined the Miami Heat. It would be the weakest move made by a superstar of his caliber, worse than Durant joining the team. I put my trust in LeBron and do not believe that he would go to the Warriors.

Almost any other team he joins would be fine, just not the Warriors.

I think a good fit for him would be to play in L.A. with the Los Angeles Lakers, or the San Antonio Spurs to win more rings and solidify his career. A superstar of his caliber, being one of the best players in the league and maybe even ever should not have to join such a dominant team like the "dubs."

If "The king" were to join the Warriors it would shatter the NBA world and the general sports one. I do not think the Warriors need or want him. I think that this rumored story is just trying to draw unneeded attention to LeBron's upcoming choice. The Warriors would be even more dominant than ever before and run the table on any team, guaranteed. The legacy of James would be destroyed and it would, more importantly, make him a sell-out and he would lose a lot of fans, myself included.