Earlier this month, the million dollar princess, Stephanie Mcmahon, announced the first ever Women’s Royal Rumble match. Just like its male counterpart, the match will consist of thirty competitors, and the winner will receive a women’s championship match at Wrestlemania 34.

While the idea is groundbreaking and it’s highly anticipated, the only problem is that the women’s roster lacks depth. Either way, WWE will find a way to fill the voids. Currently, there are eighteen entrants confirmed. From those eighteen, we know that only a handful have an actual chance of winning.

This is WWE, so we can’t take the current list at face value.

Shayna Baszler

The former UFC fighter is rumored to make an appearance before the event. In this scenario, it’s a green light for the rumor to flow. Being a former UFC fighter makes her a favorite to win, as the company loves anyone that has some form of actual fighting experience. Baszler adds literal strength to the Women’s Division and her fighting background should give her an edge as a wrestler.

Becky Lynch

Who doesn’t like the Irish Lass Kicker? Lynch has always been fun to watch and even more when she was champion. Becky Lynch was absent due to filming the ‘Marine 6,’ and she wasn’t doing anything until her return. One of her targets were the Riot Squad, and it’s likely that they will cross paths once in the ring.

If for whatever reason it comes down to Lynch and the Riot Squad, expect her to overcome the odds.


Despite the fact that Bayley doesn’t receive the most positive reaction, there’s no doubt that fans have a soft spot for Raw’s Hugger. Maybe due to her not having a sense of direction is why she hasn’t been the most over women in WWE.

This historical win can change that; also depending on whether if she starts displaying some un-Bayley-like characteristics.

Sasha Banks

As long as Sasha Banks is in the match, she is one of the ideal candidates. Without a doubt, Banks has the tools necessary and fan support for the match to be a success. The question is whether if WWE chooses to pull the trigger and book her correctly.

The Boss’ only legitimate threat is in Jaxx.


Naomi’s interaction on Smackdown Live with Women’s Champion Charlotte has set some groundwork for a feud. Naomi also fits the underdog story that WWE loves. Her competition is far more physically fit, and it’s the metaphorical mountain that needs to be climbed in order to challenge Charlotte.

Kari Sane

Kari Sane already won the Mae Young Classic. In addition, she’s making a name for herself on her path to the NXT Women’s Championship. Sane is somewhat of the dark horse in the match, so in winning it will be a huge shocker and it can possibly shake up the Women’s Division.

Nia Jaxx

Right away, here is the literal biggest obstacle for the other women.

How on earth is she going to be eliminated? Nia Jaxx’s size advantage automatically makes her a favorite to win. Sure, logically speaking, everyone will gang up on Nia. Even then, for many, it will be futile. Just like in the men’s version, the biggest individual cleans house before being eliminated; so there’s that.


The Empresses of Tomorrow has yet to win a championship, but she has something no one else has, an undefeated streak of over a year-and-a-half. That goes all the way back to when she signed with the company. Asuka’s stock value can only skyrocket in that match if she wins. That plus a Wrestlemania victory can make her the face of the Women’s Division.

Stephanie McMahon

As much as the thought of having another McMahon win the Rumble is a buzzkill, it’s very likely to happen.

It was Stephanie McMahon that announced the match in the first place. As a reminder, she’s a McMahon. With all seriousness, it makes sense. The next step in the women’s revolution might start with the most powerful woman in the company being the first winner of this match. Of course, the fans wouldn’t be too fond with that result.

Ronda Rousey

Remember Baszler? Yeah, Ronda Rousey is just like her, an MMA fighter; except that Rousey is a better fighter. The rumors of Rousey joining the company have been circulating for a really long time. The Rumble is the perfect place for her debut (ex: AJ Styles), and the win will instantly solidify her as the biggest threat in the division. Rousey appearing on WWE in any way wasn’t a case of ‘if’ rather ‘when.’