At this year’s “Wrestlemania, the least anticipated moment in WWE history happened, the Undertaker retired. To make matters worse, it was at the hands of Roman Reigns. Now it’s rumored that he is coming back. Hopefully it’s not for another match.

Taker’s age has caught up

Taker took on Bray Wyatt, Shane McMahon (out of all people), and i in his last three “Mania” bouts. It became very clear that “Wrestlemania 32” was suppose to be Taker’s last match. It was saddening to watch that match, as his body was no longer able to pull off instant classics.

The lack of mobility sticks out like a sore thumb. So, for the sake of his health, it’s not wise to have him in the ring again.

Reigns’ victory will mean nothing

A return to the ring will also damage the legitimacy of Reings’ victory. Beating Taker was meant to cement Reigns’ career and it proves that he can beat anybody. It doesn’t make sense argue that Take should be retired at “Survivor Series”. His main association with the PPV is his debut; that’s it.

Imagine if Shawn Michaels had returned after “Wrestlemania 26”. That would have been a snap across the face of the fans and most importantly to the man that put him away; the Undertaker.

Here’s a better example. In 2008, the “Nature Boy” Ric Flair faced Michaels at “Wrestlemania 24” in a retirement match.

Both men pulled-off the match of the night and of the year. For the fans in attendance and those watch at home, there was a huge emotional tie for this. In the closing moments, Michaels said “I love you.” before connecting with Sweet Chin Music. Guess what? Flair signed with Total Nonstop Action (TNA) and there is where he retired.

That must have hit HBK really hard in the feelings.

Taker has done it all

Take a peek at Taker’s resume and then try to bring up one major accomplishment that is missing. You can’t name one, because he has won every major championship. The Intercontinental Championship has never been a focal point in his career, as he jumped into the main event scene right away and remained that way from then on.

It proves WWE’s attachment to the past

Taker is the last essence of late 80s and early 90s wrestling. In ending his career, WWE has officially finished what is really a decade-long storyline; dating back to the “New Generation Era” (aka the “Cartoon Era”). If he is to return, it only shows that WWE is attached to past and it limits the growth and development for storylines that been planted within this generation.