The Washington Redskins might be looking for a new quarterback for the 2018 season. Could a rookie from Wyoming be the key to a playoff run next season? One latest mock draft has Josh Allen, the Wyoming Cowboys quarterback being the man who the Redskins will take with their first pick in the draft. That would certainly annoy some ‘Skins fans, but it might be worth pointing out that Kirk Cousins hardly came into the league being heralded as the next Tom Brady.

Washington Redskins giving Josh Allen a long look

With Kirk Cousins’ departure a near inevitability, it appears as though the Redskins are going to need a young quarterback to step in.

The current roster features Colt McCoy as the next man up. That’s not good enough.

While casual fans might dismiss Allen out of hand because of where he played, that’s a mistake. In 2016, the Wyoming quarterback had his best season, throwing for 3,203 yards and 28 touchdowns. He also ran for 523 yards. In 2017, his numbers dropped a bit due to injuries. This season he threw for just 16 touchdowns, against only six interceptions. He also only ran for 200 yards.

Despite the drop in production, he’s an NFL prospect through and through. In the Senior Bowl, against some of the best NFL prospects on the board, Allen shined. He got off to a rough start, but righted the ship quickly and finished the game completing 9 of 13 passes for 158 yards, two touchdowns and no interceptions.

By all accounts, there have been more than a few teams that have been looking at Josh Allen. The Washington Redskins are just the team that seems most likely to go hard after him at this point.

Josh Allen could be a different type of quarterback for the Redskins

It’s rather obvious that the most attractive part of Allen’s game for Washington is his ability to run.

Kirk Cousins is a solid passer, but he’s not particularly mobile. Having someone behind center that could add another dimension to the offense is a big reason why the Wyoming quarterback is getting the attention he is.

The question, as is always the case when talking about a team on the cusp of the playoffs, is whether they can stand to start a rookie.

The answer to that question is moving closer to yes for certain franchises thanks to the success young quarterbacks have had recently. Philadelphia is in the Super Bowl with a second-year player. It’s a safe bet the Washington Redskins would be perfectly happy to say the same thing with Josh Allen at the helm.