USA Today's Jeff Zillgitt has stated that several NBA executives believe that the Philadelphia 76ers' president of basketball operations Bryan Colangelo will pursue LeBron James next summer. LeBron in Philly, can you imagine that? James has been usually linked with a move to the Western Conference in the event that he leaves Cleveland. However, his best option might be to remain in the weak Eastern Conference.

LeBron in Philly

LeBron James would team up with two rising stars in Joel Embiid and Ben Simmons. His window of opportunity to win another title could be extended.

As LeBron's level would be on the decline, that of Embiid and Simmons would be on the rise. And do not forget about Markelle Fultz, the number one pick in this year's draft who has unfortunately been unable to show what he is capable of so far because of injury. Dario Saric was almost Rookie of the Year last season and Robert Covington has earned his extension. Proven sharpshooter JJ Redick could also possibly re-sign with the team. The Sixers might just have the help LeBron needs.

The Process has changed. The Sixers are now focused on rising through the ranks in the Eastern Conference and building towards title contention one day. Yes, they are certainly far from being ready to win, but LeBron James could help them take that needed step forward, attract more veteran players who are ready to win and, consequently, speed up The Process.

Philadelphia might not be the biggest or most glamorous market, but the city breathes basketball and has done so for a long time. We have witnessed, in Philadelphia, the Wilt Chamberlain era, the Julius Erving era, the Charles Barkley era, and, most recently, the Allen Iverson era. Cleveland cannot say the same about its history (not including LeBron), so neither the name of the town or team should scare LeBron James away.

LeBron, Simmons, and Embiid

Ben Simmons is a point guard. Basically, he is the primary ball-handler. The 6ft 10in rookie handles the ball like an elite guard and possesses an amazing court vision. For someone his size, he should not be doing what he does. Does he remind you of anyone else? Yes, LeBron James is another player who should not be doing the things he does.

He is 6ft 8in and 250lbs. He looks big, sturdy, and as strong as they get, but he moves like the lightest guard, and no other player with his size has had the incredible court vision LeBron James possesses. It is well-known, by now, that LeBron is the main ball-handler for every team he plays for. So how would two primary ball-handlers like Simmons and James be able to co-exist?

It is difficult to imagine LeBron taking a back seat to a sophomore. But if LeBron were to be the main ball-handler in Philadelphia, Simmons would have to adapt to an off-ball role, and that would be difficult for him because, first and foremost, he is yet to develop a jump shot. LeBron needs to have shooters parked around the perimeter.

That is how his teams have been able to be successful throughout the years. The paint needs to be cleared more often than not and the perimeter players have to be ready to grab one of LeBron's precise passes and shoot from long-distance with efficiency. One can even imagine Joel Embiid taking some steps outside and using his jump shot more often; he has proved he can be a solid long-range shooter. But Simmons has a broken shot right now, and it does not look like he will cease to shy away from the jump shot anytime soon.

LeBron James should have no reason to leave the easy East. If he intends to continue to have a great shot at making the NBA Finals, he could possibly choose to remain with the Cavs or join a fearsome team that can quickly become a serious contender.

Could the Philadelphia 76ers be that team? Are Simmons and Embiid up to the task? The Los Angeles Lakers, a team that has been strongly linked with LeBron, certainly do not have such firepower yet. The Sixers might have interest in LeBron, but most teams will have interest in acquiring LeBron next summer. Ultimately, all will be in the hands of the King.