When it comes to the amount of criticism Demar Derozan gets it's something that comes up short in regards to his game. This has been made obvious when he has continuously been underrated on player rankings during the summertime. DeRozan finished fifth in scoring last season and lead his team to 51 wins, but DeRozan can still be found ranked well below players like Jae Crowder and Khris Middleton.

The critics

It's become evident that instead of focusing on what DeRozan can do, Critics have been focusing on what he can't do. His critics stay focused on him being inefficient in their eyes; they don't believe he can shoot the three, they don't like his passing skills (or he simply doesn't pass enough), they say he's not a good defender and that he isn't a clutch player.

But how true are all these things recently?


DeRozan has without a doubt been improving his game and silencing the critics. He has inevitably proved them wrong by consistently improving. DeRozan has taken the criticism in stride despite obviously helping his team with his offensive power. His gameplay has been overlooked as DeRozan is capable of a lot more than what his critics believe. Demar's greatest asset as a player is driving the lane towards the basket. In addition, DeRozan maintains a lot of athleticism and has been able to attack defenders. He carries intricate footwork and has the ability to execute smart finishes with both hands.

Let's not forget that DeRozan dropped a franchise-best 52 points in an overtime victory against the Milwaukee Bucks on Monday.

In regards to critics claiming that he can't shoot threes, as of recent, this has also changed. Following his need to step up his game, he has stepped up his offense, and the results have been positive. DeRozan is shooting the three with confidence, and it is now becoming a solid weapon for him.

Demar is clutch

Part of DeRozan's current success has been linked to the players surrounding him.

Serge Ibaka, C.J. Miles, and OG Anunoby have become teammates that DeRozan has been able to rely on. DeRozan is the type of player that rises to the occasion when he is supposed to. DeMar will put forth all he has on the floor, as he plays with tenacity and passion. So for critics to claim that he isn't clutch, this is definitely misguided.

In Monday's game against Milwaukee Demar showed his opponents that he was clutch by drawing fouls and driving the ball to the rim.

DeRozan may be a player that entails greatness, but he is also the type of player that knows greatness when he sees it. In the past, DeRozan is a player that has spoken about LeBron James' greatness. For DeMar to speak about this showcases that he is indeed a class act and has respect for his opponents.