He is likely the future of the NBA. His youth, mixed with his ability to win at a high level, even without much help, makes him outrageously valuable. The current superstar is the only real asset to Pelicans franchise, and there have been rumors he may be leaving despite his contract.

The Athletic has reported the Warriors are looking to acquire Anthony Davis, which would make the already dominative Warriors even better.

The league of stars

The NBA is unlike any other major sports league in that one player really can make all the difference. To be a great team in the NBA, you need talent, you need a superstar.

Talent wins in that league, above all else. What made the Warriors so remarkable when they first became a championship contender is they had talent while still maintaining team-oriented basketball.

Then of course came the pickup that shocked the NBA and led to a dominant title for Golden State. The Warriors acquired Kevin Durant, who was widely considered the second or third best player in the league. He was added to a team that had been tremendously close to two consecutive NBA titles, making the Warriors team go from great to unreal.

The acquisition of Anthony Davis would be a move similar in stature. Warriors would start to look even more similar to an All-star NBA team than they already do.

Would it be fair?

This seems like a strange question but it is one that people will likely ask. Durant got a lot of criticism for joining the Warriors, as the move seemed to make the team too unbeatable.

If Davis joined the Warriors it would not be unfair, business is business, and the NBA is one of the bluntest of businesses.

But it would be fair to criticize Davis' competitiveness in the same manner that Durant had his competitiveness questioned (assuming he is not traded against his will). For a great competitor, nothing is proved when they decide to hop onto a team that is already geared for greatness in the way that the Warriors were. It is too similar to an "if you can't beat them join them" mentality.

As was written in a work for Sports Illustrated called An Open Letter to Kevin Durant during Durant's departure, "No intelligent basketball fan believes you found a missing quality inside yourself this year...You didn’t have to become a better leader, or become mentally tougher, or learn how to will your team to victory, or finally beat the last guy standing in your way. You just got better teammates. The End."

The story would likely be a similar one for Anthony Davis. A talented competitive player like that should want to join a competitive team, not a team that has simply orchestrated a way to sign themselves into championships.

My prediction is Davis ends up signing with the Celtics, but if he does end up on the Warriors, the NBA will be shocked again.

Fans will be left to simply hope for excitement rather than actually receive it, as an impossibly talented Warriors team may very well create for predictable basketball, as Stephen A. Smith of ESPN has posited many times.