Before the massive deal that sent former Cavaliers star Kyrie Irving to Boston and isaiah thomas to the Celtics, the Cavaliers had a different blockbuster trade in mind

According to ESPN, the Cavaliers had been hoping to acquire Klay Thompson from the Golden State Warriors, a move that certainly could have been second guessed.

Why the move might have made some sense

The Golden State Warriors are in the midst of a dynasty in the moment. Perhaps the Cavaliers franchise thought it could both weaken the Warriors' reign over the league while also improving their own by taking one of the Warriors' key pieces away.

This would make sense as Thompson has often given the team great chemistry and really fit the Warriors' offensive system.

Thompson's three point shooting mixed with LeBron James' strength would have been a seriously formidable combo as well.

Why the deal would have been the wrong one

In sending Klay Thompson to Cleveland, the Cavaliers franchise would have had to give Kyrie Irving to the Warriors. Let that sink in. The already absolutely stacked Warriors team would have lost one of its really great system players, but would have gained perhaps the most dynamic finisher in the league.

The three point shooting of the Warriors along with the finishing ability of the Irving would have made that team even more spectacular than it already is.

The Cavaliers, who lost handily to the Warriors in the Finals last year, would have now made the best team on the planet, markably better. The Warriors would truly look like an all-star team. It leaves a question for fans too, out of any team, why in the world would the Cavaliers trade one of their best players to the very team they are struggling to get past.

Additionally the Cavaliers need an inside player that LeBron James can pass the ball to, as James is one of most prolific passers of all time. This is something they got in the Isaiah Thomas deal, but would not really have gotten had they acquired Klay Thompson.

Additionally Klay Thompson averaged far less points in the playoffs this year, perhaps showing his slightly decreased role on the team since Kevin Durant's arrival.

While it is likely not an indication of any offensive setbacks, it does raise concerns.

Isaiah Thomas seems like a much better fit for the Cavaliers' system and scheme, while Klay Thompson would have just been a failed attempt to minimize the Warriors. The Warriors may have actually saved the Cavaliers by telling them they were not interested in the deal.