The NBA trade deadline is approaching and the Los Angeles Clippers are blowing up their entire roster. After letting Chris Paul leave for the Houston Rockets in the offseason, the Clippers agreed to trade their franchise star Blake Griffin today to the Detroit Pistons. In exchange, the Clippers will receive Tobias Harris, Avery Bradley, Boban Marjanovic, and a first- and second-round draft pick. They also aren't finished yet, and they might have a chance to help the Cleveland Cavaliers with their next move. The Clippers are making both DeAndre Jordan and Lou Williams available for a trade.

What will it take to trade for Jordan and Williams?

According to NBA New Coverage, the Los Angeles Clippers are planning to make another huge move after the Blake Griffin trade and DeAndre Jordan will be the next to go. However, if the Cleveland Cavaliers want any chance of trading for Jordan, they will have to give up some young talent. According to the reports, the Clippers want to trade for young players.

While the Cleveland Cavaliers have something very valuable in their back pocket for a trade, they are not heavy on young players. The biggest trade lure for any team is the Cavaliers 2018 NBA Draft pick that they own based on the Brooklyn Nets first-round pick. Currently, the Nets have an 18-32 record and only six teams have a worse record at this time.

What can the Cavaliers offer the Clippers?

Originally, the predicted Cleveland Cavaliers trade offer to the Los Angeles Clippers would including Tristan Thompson and possibly the first-round draft pick. Thompson is in no way considered "young talent." Channing Frye and Iman Shumpert were also mentioned but they are in the mix for a George Hill trade.

Another intriguing NBA trade option is sending Isaiah Thomas in a trade package. However, the Cavaliers would need to bring in someone like Hill to replace Thomas if they decide they need to cut ties with the point guard. While Thomas is not relatively young, he is 28 and has a lot of years left in him as long as his injuries don't catch up with him like they did with Derrick Rose.

However, here is a scary thought for Cleveland Cavaliers fans. The rumors indicate that the Los Angeles Clippers are making some big moves now in order to make a bigger one next year. See, with Blake Griffin's contract gone - and if they can rid themselves of DeAndre Jordan's contract, they will have a lot of salary cap room next year.

The Los Angeles Clippers rumored dream target for 2018 is LeBron James. If the Cavaliers send a draft pick and some low priced players to the Clippers for DeAndre Jordan, it might allow Los Angeles to steal LeBron from them next year.