The Cleveland Cavaliers need to improve their team if they want to break out of their current funk and really challenge the Golden State Warriors when the NBA Finals rolls around. They already changed their starting lineup and have no less than three trade possibilities rumored. However, the only way to pull off two or three trades, and bring in the superstars they want, the Cavaliers will have to end up moving a superstar. In a new report by Cavaliers Nation, the name of the superstar they want to possibly move has been named.

Cavaliers trade possibilities

There are three NBA superstars that the Cleveland Cavaliers had mentioned in trade rumors over the last few weeks. Those players are Charlotte Hornets point guard Kemba Walker, Sacramento Kings point guard George Hill and Los Angeles Clippers center DeAndre Jordan.

There is no way that the Cavaliers bring in both Kemba Walker and George Hill, and it sounds like Walker isn't going anywhere right now. There are heavy rumors this week that the Cavaliers are at the "one-yard line" for a trade for Hill, with both Iman Shumpert and Channing Frye as part of that deal.

The biggest move would be to bring in DeAndre Jordan. He would be a difference maker. The Cavaliers are likely more than willing to trade Tristan Thompson for Jordan, but that is a very one-sided trade and the Cavs would need to throw in something bigger - like the first-round draft pick they own belonging to the Brooklyn Nets.

However, there is one other player that the Cleveland Cavaliers might be willing to trade now.

Who are the Cavaliers willing to move?

George Hill would be a great pickup, but with isaiah thomas, Derrick Rose, J.R. Smith and Dwyane Wade all high-quality guards, there is no place for him. It is doubtful any team sees value in Rose or Wade at this point in their career as trade bait.

However, an incident last week might make Isaiah Thomas someone the Cavaliers are willing to cut ties with.

It was Isaiah Thomas that called out veteran Kevin Love for taking time off for an illness and caused a lot of tension within the team. Thomas played for a close-knit Boston Celtics and he might not be used to the controversy and strife that comes from playing for the Cavs.

If the Cleveland Cavaliers are really considering trading Isaiah Thomas to rid the locker room of a possible cancer, they could possibly swing bring Kemba Walker to town. That is a better upgrade on the position than George Hill. Plus, if they think they can keep Walker in Cleveland, even if LeBron James leaves, they could pull the trigger on sending their top draft pick to the Clippers for DeAndre Jordan, giving them a lineup of Jordan, Walker, LeBron, Kevin Love and J.R. Smith.

With Dwyane Wade and Derrick Rose on the bench, along with Jae Crowder, the Cleveland Cavaliers could have a roster that could beat anyone. The NBA trade deadline is Feb. 8.