The Cleveland Cavaliers welcomed back point guard Derrick Rose from injury on Thursday night and went on to win their first game in their last five contests. This was the first time that Rose, who began the season as the Cavs starting point guard, and Isiaih Thomas, who Cleveland signed to be their starting point guard in the offseason, have played in the same game together since they joined Cleveland. With both men in the game, the Cavaliers are reportedly interested in making a trade for yet another point guard as they try to solidify their team for the playoffs this season.

Who are the Cavaliers looking at?

With Isiaih Thomas as the starting point guard and former NBA MVP Derrick Rose preparing for his role as the primary backup, the Cleveland Cavaliers are looking for someone who can provide some spark from the bench and be an emergency plugin in case the injury bug strikes again for Rose or Thomas.

Yahoo Sports reported that the Cavaliers are considering a trade with the Sacramento Kings for veteran point guard George Hill. The Kings signed Hill as a free agent this past offseason to a three-year contract worth $57 million. That is a lot of money for a reserve guard that would play behind Thomas and Rose but there are a few reasons to believe that this deal isn't that bad of an idea.

What can he bring to the Cavaliers?

George Hill would not only serve as the third option for the Cleveland Cavaliers at the point guard position but would also serve as a third option at shooting guard as well. With Dwyane Wade and Derrick Rose both older and always an injury risk, rotating them in and out of the second team lineup with Hill can keep everyone fresh for when the playoffs arrive.

Plus, any injury to Dwyane Wade or Derrick Rose would easily be fixed when someone the caliber of George Hill steps in to replace them. Point guard was a position of concern for Cleveland and LeBron James had to play the position when both Thomas and Rose was out. This solves that problem instantly.

There is also reportedly the chance that the Cavs could start Hill at shooting guard, with Dwyane Wade running the second team. This would give Cleveland another high quality scorer as a starter on the floor.

The money isn't as bad as it sounds either.

Just looking at $57 million reminds most fans that the Cleveland Cavaliers don't have much free space for spending. However, George Hill is only owed $20 million this year and $19 million next year. The only guarantee for the third season is $1 million.

The Cavaliers would still need to clear up financial space to trade for him but dumping some contracts to sign a big man like DeAndre Jordan could help things as well, and Cleveland is reportedly looking at making more than one trade this year. George Hill is averaging 10.5 points and 2.7 assists a game for the Sacramento Kings this year.