The Cleveland Cavaliers have been sliding in the Eastern Conference, losing eight out of their last ten games, raising doubt in the city and bringing panic. Should the Cavaliers hit the panic button? They do, after all, have the best player in the world on their team, according to Tyronn Lue. LeBron James has led them to the NBA Finals in each of the last three seasons, but their recent struggles have them hungry for more talent.

DeAndre Jordan and Derrick Favors have become two prime targets, but the Cavaliers would be unwilling to give up Brooklyn’s valuable first-round pick acquired in the Isaiah Thomas trade for those two big men.

The Cavaliers want a bigger star, if they are indeed to give up Brooklyn’s draft pick.

Brooklyn’s draft pick could possibly land big-time star for Cavs

According to Chris Broussard of Fox Sports 1, the Cavaliers would give up the Nets’ draft pick for Paul George: “If the Cavs give up the Nets pick, they might be able to get Paul George,” Broussard stated.

Now that’s a big if. There are many obstacles in the way of the Cavaliers landing George. First, the Oklahoma City Thunder have been playing better basketball of late, although they are still slightly underachieving. George wouldn’t demand a trade, and the Thunder would definitely hold on to him if the team is rather successful.

George becomes an unrestricted free agent in the summer of 2018, and the Los Angeles Lakers are front-runners to land him, bringing George back home to L.A.

The Cavaliers wouldn’t risk Brooklyn’s valuable draft choice to land a half-season rental. They would need assurance from the All-Star forward before striking a deal.

However, if George gives some sort of assurance and requests a trade from Oklahoma City, the Cavaliers would surely seize the opportunity to bring more help for James, which would be a ploy to keep James in Cleveland.

Just like George, James is headed for free agency in the summer as well, and the two have been eager to play alongside each other in L.A. If the Cavaliers unite them in Cleveland, they could perhaps turn this season around and return to the NBA Finals with a good chance of winning the title.

Possible deal breakdown

Along with Brooklyn’s pick, the Cavaliers may have to add other pieces to make the trade work financially.

Tristan Thompson and/or Iman Shumpert would be one of the players on the move. The Cavaliers may have to throw in additional players to ultimately finalize the deal.

The trade deadline is on February 8, so the Cavaliers need to act fast. They would like Jordan or Favors, but it would be much better for them to land the likes of Paul George.