Last week, WWE Superstar Dean Ambrose underwent surgery for a nagging elbow injury. Following the successful surgery, fans of The Lunatic Fringe anxiously awaited news about his return. Earlier this week, WWE provided an update on Ambrose’s status, which has things looking dim for the star and his fans.

Dean's injury

Since October, Ambrose has been dealing with an elbow injury. Fans began to notice something was wrong when Dean began wearing an elbow pad during his matches. Despite the pain, Ambrose continued wrestling in order to put on entertaining shows for the crowd.

However, the pain started to become too much and WWE officials ordered Ambrose to get it checked out. On the December 18 episode of "RAW," Ambrose was written out when he was injured by his tag partner Seth Rollins’ suicide dive. A backstage segment also saw Samoa Joe attack Dean, thus furthering Ambrose’s absence from upcoming shows.

After undergoing successful surgery for a triceps tendon injury, doctors confirmed it was a partial tear and not a full one as previously reported. Reports surfaced afterward, that Ambrose’s return could come as soon as two to three months. This news provided hope for Dean Ambrose fans, who were missing their favorite wrestler. Yet, their hopes were dashed when WWE revealed that Ambrose would be missing up to nine months.

Is it for real?

WWE’s announcement of Ambrose’s recovery time had many fans questioning whether it was legit. In the past, the company had a tendency to exaggerate the timeline for a star’s return. Most recently, they did it with Braun Strowman, who returned from a shoulder injury in less than two months when his recovery period was six months.

While some fans believe the news about Ambrose is fake, blog Dirtsheets is reporting that the news is true. As with everything WWE related, you need to take it with a grain of salt. WWE has been known to send out false information in order to leave some shock value for the audience.

When Dean Ambrose does return, there’s a lot of potential storylines for him.

First, there’s a feud with Samoa Joe, who caused his injury. Then there’s the rumored heel turn on his former partner Seth Rollins. Plus, there were rumors he could feud with Roman for the Universal Championship.

With Wrestlemania season coming up, viewers will be tuning in to see if by some chance Dean returns earlier than expected. But for now, Ambrose fans will have to adopt a wait and see attitude. But once Dean Ambrose does come back, he’ll receive a massive pop and along with a huge storyline push.