Injuries aren't uncommon in the WWE. Throughout the years, stars have suffered an injury which required time away from the squared circle. One star who’s going to be missing from television in the upcoming year due to an injury is Dean Ambrose.

Dean's injury

This past Monday dec.18, on RAW, Dean Ambrose teamed with Seth Rollins and Jason Jordan to fight Samoa Joe and The Bar. Ambrose didn’t step inside the ring once, although he did get involved in the outside brawls. During one brawl with Samoa Joe and Cesaro, Ambrose was taken down by Seth Rollins performing a suicide dive.

Ambrose landed awkwardly on his right arm, which caused a medic to come to the ringside.

Later that night, in a backstage segment Ambrose was being evaluated by the medical staff when Samoa Joe and The Bar attacked him and Rollins. The segment went as far as having Joe slam a metal box on Dean’s arm. The match and the segment lead many viewers to think the injury was just a storyline.

However, the next day, WWE confirmed that Dean had suffered a legitimate injury. In fact, The Lunatic Fringe had been dealing with the injury for a while. Fans began to notice Ambrose wearing an elbow pad since October. At first, it was believed the injury wasn’t that, but the nagging pain turned out to be a more serious.

On Tuesday night, Ambrose underwent surgery for a torn triceps tendon. Fans of The Lunatic Fringe were upset to hear the news. But during an update on Wednesday, they were given some hope. According to the doctors, Ambrose had only a partial tear and surgery was able to repair it. Dean has also begun doing physical therapy to train for his comeback.

What's next for Ambrose?

Dean Ambrose has been known as the Ironman of WWE. The only time he missed throughout his WWE career is when he filmed the movie "Lockdown." Most recently, he took a week off for his honeymoon with Renee Young. Aside from that, Ambrose works every television taping and house show.

The torn triceps tendon is the first major injury for Ambrose.

In the past, he’s taken some dangerous bumps and got busted open. He’s also stated that with his work schedule, he’s sometimes in nagging pain. While it’s awful that he has an injury, the recovery time will allow him time to relax and come back fully charged.

Now, the main question on everyone’s mind is, when will Ambrose return? No timetable has been given, although he will miss some time for his recovery. With Wrestlemania season gearing up, initial plans were for Ambrose to feud with Seth Rollins. Now, those plans are up in the air.

Fans will have to wait for further updates on Ambrose’s recovery time. But you can bet that when Ambrose does return, he’s going to come back better than ever. When his music hits, the crowd’s going to go wild for his return.