The Oklahoma City Thunder had an eventful offseason after adding Paul George and Carmelo Anthony to join Russell Westbrook, creating a big three of their own. Many people were excited and intrigued by the trio, believing they could become legitimate contenders.

However, the Thunder have been underachieving over two months into the season, which has led to the possibility of them trading Anthony or George. While they have played better the last few games, they must show consistency. Otherwise, General Manager Sam Presti has promised to make drastic changes during the trade deadline.

If Oklahoma City does end up trading George, could the Cleveland Cavaliers land him before the deadline?

What it would take for Cleveland to acquire George

The Cavaliers don’t have many trading chips, but they do have an All-Star by the name of Kevin Love, who could be the only piece on the move for Cleveland if they want to land a superstar. Tristan Thompson’s contract is overwhelming for teams since he has been underperforming lately.

Love is averaging 19.8 points and 10.1 rebounds per game, as he has decent trade value. The 29-year-old played with Westbrook in UCLA, which would be intriguing to see the duo reunite in Oklahoma City. Perhaps, Love would be a better fit for the Thunder than George.

The Cavaliers had interest in George during the offseason, and they would probably renew that interest if Oklahoma City decides to place him on the trade block.

George would provide superior perimeter defense for the Cavaliers and would genuinely play off the ball, to allow LeBron James to create on the offensive end.

Paul George may have to commit to Cleveland long-term

The biggest issue acquiring Paul George is that he becomes an unrestricted free agent next summer. Many executives believe that the All-Star forward still intends to go back home to join the Los Angeles Lakers.

The Cavaliers must get a verbal agreement from George that he would re-sign with them in the summer.

Otherwise, a major trade between the Thunder and Cavaliers would not take place. Cleveland would not give up a proven All-Star in Love for a half-season rental.

In the offseason, the Cavaliers were willing to give up Love for George, but the Indiana Pacers were not interesting in acquiring Love. They wanted younger pieces and multiple draft picks. At the time, George would have been a one-season rental. Now that he may become a half-season rental, the Cavaliers would be more cautious of who to give up.

The trade deadline is two weeks earlier this season, landing on Thursday, February 8. Until then, the Thunder are going to play out the season, to see if they are able to turn the season around to become contenders.