Cleveland Cavaliers finally look like a championship contender as they managed to win 11 consecutive games. The reigning Eastern Conference champions haven't lost a game in almost a month as their last loss came on November 9 against the Houston Rockets. This loss put the team two games under .500, but they have been amazing ever since then, winning every game and dominating the NBA.

Last night, the Cavaliers defeated the Memphis Grizzlies by five points. It was LeBron James who led the team to a valuable victory, scoring 13 consecutive points in the fourth quarter and making big shots.

Now, after 11 straight victories, it seems that the Cavs will get Derrick Rose back. However, the team has been doing really well during Rose's absence, so it will be interesting to see how he will be used once he returns.

Derrick Rose wants to come back

Two weeks ago, Derrick Rose left the Cleveland Cavaliers as he needed to reconsider his future in basketball. After winning the MVP award in 2011, Rose's career had been plagued by injuries. The point guard hasn't been able to stay healthy and he has dealt with many problems that affected him in a negative way.

However, it seems that the former MVP will return to Cleveland and continue his basketball career. Rose, who has averaged 14.3 points per game this season, has kept in touch with the Cavaliers general manager Koby Altman.

He recently expressed a desire to return, according to Jason Lloyd of The Athletic. Rose's shoe contract may have played a big role in his decision as he would have lost $80 million if he decided to retire.

Before last night's game against the Grizzlies, Cavaliers head coach Tyronn Lue talked about Derrick Rose, saying there was an update on the point guard.

However, Lue declined to reveal the details. As it turns out, the Cavaliers will get their point guard back, but they might be better off without him.

Rose's role on the team

Cleveland Cavaliers have been doing fine without Derrick Rose, so he might not have a big role on the team once he returns. At the moment, Jose Calderon is a starting point guard, and even though Rose is a much better player, the Cavs have been victorious with Calderon.

It won't be surprising if Tyronn Lue decides to keep Calderon in the starting lineup and move Rose to the bench. After all, Isaiah Thomas is expected to be back soon, which means that Rose has to be moved to the second unit, sooner or later.