The legend of the modern Football, the 32-year-old #Cristiano Ronaldo, after making up with the Russian supermodel Irina Sheik in 2015, for a long time could not find a replacement for her and kept his private life away from the public. But now, obviously, everything has changed.

In the evening on May 25, the forward of "Real" first during a long time confirmed the relationship with the girl. The footballer published in Instagram a photo with the 22-year-old Spanish model Georgina Rodriguez and put it in the place of the signature heart.

In the picture, Ronaldo is gently holding his hand on the slightly rounded belly of the beauty.

This characteristic gesture can be regarded as a hint that the couple is waiting for the offspring. In the comments, fans began congratulating their idol.

Ronaldo's second baby

This time, Ronaldo decided not to hide the mother of his unborn child from the public. We all recall that the most expensive player in the world already has a son - six-year-old Cristiano Jr. Presumably, he was born through surrogate motherhood services, but the athlete did his best to keep the information about the boy's mother. This time Ronaldo decided to follow another scenario.

According to the previously reported edition Correio da Manha, the wedding of the two lovers was planned for summer 2018. It is known that the model managed to get along with the six-year-old son of the football player, and even with his mother, who always had a tense relationship with the girls' striker.

At the same time earlier in the media there had been the news that Cristiano supposedly decided to marry, and his mother persuaded him to settle down. Moreover, the candidate for a future wife is quite decent (and, as it turned out, pregnant).

Ronaldo got into a scandal

By the way, despite the joyful forthcoming changes in Cristiano's life, his life is now far from being so beautiful.

The fact is that Ronaldo got into a scandal, connected with non-payment of taxes. Tax services "did not count" 8 million euros, this debt that now is "hanging" on the football player. And, probably, Cristiano with his record revenues would not have made it difficult to pay it, however, it is possible that the fine will not end now.

The British edition of The Telegraph reports that in the near future the Madrid prosecutor's office will decide whether the criminal or administrative punishment will be incurred by Ronaldo. In the worst case, he faces a prison sentence, which, against the background of the news about Georgina's pregnancy, looks not too fun.