Cleveland Cavaliers have finally bounced back and are currently riding a four-game winning streak. While their record is far from impressive, it is much better than it was a week ago and it appears that the reigning Eastern Conference champions are finally ready to reclaim the top of the conference. However, this won't be an easy goal, especially since the team is dealing with numerous injury issues.

At the moment, the Cavaliers cannot count on four of their players, including three guards and a center. On a positive note, Isaiah Thomas, who hasn't appeared in a single game for the Cavaliers this season, might come back in December.

Tristan Thompson and Derrick Rose will both be out for at least two more weeks, and Iman Shumpert will most likely miss next week's games. The team got an injury update on Shumpert this afternoon, and it turns out that the guard won't come back to action immediately.

Shumpert suffered another knee injury

Iman Shumpert has missed four games this season and he will miss a few more games next week. The guard dealt with a right knee injury in late October and he was forced to miss a couple of games. When he returned, he started in six games, replacing injured Derrick Rose.

This time, Shumpert's left knee is injured and he will have to take a break from action for five to seven days, according to Chris Fedor of

This injury came just when the Cavaliers started to get hot, so they will have to figure out another lineup and another player to replace the injured guard.

Iman Shumpert has appeared in 12 games so far in the season, averaging 5.2 points, 3.3 rebounds, and 1.4 assists per game.

While he is shooting under 40 percent, he was a decent replacement for Rose, so it will be interesting to see who the Cavaliers will use instead of him.

Possible lineups

Cleveland Cavaliers will face off against the Detroit Pistons Monday night. Considering that the Pistons are one of the best teams in the NBA so far in the season, the Cavaliers won't have it easy.

Without Shumpert, we could see head coach Tyronn Lue insert Dwyane Wade back in the starting lineup. Beside Wade, the Cavaliers could use Jose Calderon as a starter, even though he hasn't played much this season. Fortunately, LeBron James is capable of running the floor, so it won't be surprising if he starts as a point guard. This would allow Cleveland to use one of their wing players in the starting lineup, such as Jeff Green or Kyle Korver.

Additionally, the Cavaliers might give a chance to John Holland, who will be brought on the trip to Detroit. Holland was signed to a two-way contract this season, which means that he can spend up to 45 days with the Cavaliers.