Cleveland Cavaliers have bounced back in a big way and are currently on a seven-game winning streak, yet they are still dealing with many problems. First, they dealt with injuries, and now it seems that one of their players might retire. Derrick Rose, who has appeared in only seven games this season, is away from the team and is contemplating his future in the NBA.

Ever since he suffered an ACL injury in 2012, Derrick Rose has failed to stay healthy and perform at a high level. While it's true that he had a decent season with the New York Knicks last year, his inability to stay healthy is costing him a lot, and it appears that he may have reached rock bottom.

The Cavaliers are expecting Rose to come back, but considering how serious his situation is, it won't be surprising if he decides to retire.

LeBron James' comments

LeBron James is having another spectacular season and is the biggest reason why the Cavaliers won seven games in a row. Even though James has never suffered a season-ending injury, he knows how frustrating it is to be sidelined and not be able to help his team win games.

Last night, James led the Cavaliers to a big win over the Charlotte Hornets. The four-time MVP posted his 57th career triple-double as he scored 27 points, grabbed 16 boards, and dished out 13 assists. After the game, LeBron was asked to comment on Derrick Rose and his current situation.

James used Theodore Roosevelt's "Man in the Arena" quote to describe what his point guard teammate is going through. “Anybody can sit outside the arena and criticise the man in the arena that’s giving his blood, sweat, and tears," LeBron said, quoting the former US president. “But until you walk in the face of the battle or adversity you don’t understand."

The Cavaliers forward also said that he can't exactly understand what Rose is going through because it's not his life.

However, he added that all he wants for Rose is to be happy.

Will Rose return?

It is hard to say whether Derrick Rose will return to the team or not. If he decides to retire, he will lose over $70 million he would get from Adidas and he will also end his career without winning a championship ring.

The Cleveland Cavaliers are favorites to win the East and they will most likely make their fourth straight NBA Finals appearance. Rose, who has averaged 14.3 points this season, could play a major role in the playoffs. However, it won't be possible if he decides to quit.