Cleveland Cavaliers have finally bounced back and are looking like a championship contender. Last night, the reigning Eastern Conference champions defeated the Charlotte Hornets in a close game, winning their seventh straight game. The Cavaliers are 12-7 at the moment, but it appears they are not happy with their record and they might pull a big trade very soon.

Thanks to the victory over Charlotte, the Cavs have climbed to the third spot in the conference, yet they still don't look like a team that could win it all. Surely, they should be able to advance to the NBA Finals easily, but it is questionable if they can beat the Golden State Warriors.

Because of this, they may be looking to pull a big trade and acquire a superstar before the playoffs.

DeAndre Jordan to Cleveland?

Joe Vardon of revealed that a source close to the team said they would consider trading for DeAndre Jordan. Jordan is currently on the Los Angeles Clippers, but he may join the Cavaliers very soon. Apparently, Cleveland would be interested in swapping Tristan Thompson for him.

Despite a fantastic start of the season, the Clippers are now 6-11 and are one of the worst teams in the entire NBA. It is obvious that they could use a change, and so could the Cavs. This trade would benefit both teams and it would help the Clippers rebuild for the future.

DeAndre Jordan has a massive contract and will be paid over $24 million next season if he exercises his player option.

On the other side, Tristan Thompson is slightly overpaid, but the Clippers would clear up some cap space by swapping Jordan for him. In addition, there is a good chance that the Cavaliers would add their first-round pick to the trade.

Jordan could be the key

DeAndre Jordan is averaging 10.5 points, 13.8 rebounds, and 1.2 blocks per game this season.

While his numbers are down when compared to the last season, he is still one of the best centers in the league. Considering that rebounding is Cleveland's Achilles' heel, Jordan could easily be the key to winning a championship.

In addition, the big man rarely misses games as he's been one of the healthiest players in the NBA for nearly a decade.

The Cavaliers have numerous injury issues, so adding a player who isn't prone to injuries would be a great thing. Tristan Thompson is expected to return to action soon, and when he does, it won't be surprising if the Cavaliers trade him straight away.