Kyle Korver is one of the greatest three-point shooters of all time. He has spent his last 15 seasons in the National Basketball Association, playing in teams including the Philadelphia 76ers, the Utah Jazz, the Chicago Bulls, the Atlanta Hawks and now the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Playing alongside LeBron James, who ironically was also drafted in the 2003 class, and other teammates including Dwyane Wade, Kevin Love and Derrick Rose on the 14-7 Cavs team. Throughout his career, Mr. Korver has made himself known as one of, if not, the purest three-point shooter and shooter in general in NBA history.

He is one of just five players in NBA history to reach 2,100 career three pointers made. The only others to do it were Ray Allen, Reggie Miller, Jason Terry and Paul Pierce. He is also the record for the highest three-point field goal percentage over a season, shooting 53.64 percent from downtown in the 2009-10 NBA season.

Korver speaks on playing with vs against the King

Kyle Korver is one of the great shooters in league history, but even he feels privileged to play with someone as great as LeBron James. He has spent many years in the league up against King James, and has experienced how hard it is to defeat the King and his team. And as a teammate now of LeBron, he knows what it is like to win alongside number 23.

But there was a funny comparison Korver brought up after the Cavs 108-97 victory over the Miami Heat when talking about LeBron not getting foul calls. HJe said,“It’s funny because when you’re not on LeBron’s team, you’re like ‘man! That guy get’s every call’. And then you come on his team and you’re like ‘man! That guy never gets any calls, it’s unbelievable”

LeBron James is a very hard player to referee as he attacks the rim with so much fury that defenders have no choice but to foul him to stop him.

However, sometimes it is not always called as the King’s strength usually outshines his defender and a defensive foul isn’t seen. But although it’s hard to determine whether LeBron was fouled or not, from the standpoint of the referee, referee’s usually allow LeBron to explain himself after a non-call. But for the first time in his career a, referee ejected him.

LeBron’s first ejection

He’s been in the league for 15 seasons, he’s played in 1,082 regular season and 217 playoff games, and Tuesday night November 28, marked the first time in his career that LeBron James had been ejected from a professional basketball game. You would’ve thought the first incident of LeBron being ejected would have to have been something crazy due to the stature of King James in the league, but it only took a few arm flails and some choice words and referee Kane Fitzgerald decided to send LeBron to the exit with two flagrant fouls in one play. As a referee who’s been in the league for a while it was surprising to say the least.