The Boston Celtics have started the 2017-18 NBA season very strong, and it has a lot of people talking. The 10-7 Cleveland Cavaliers are receiving a lot of criticism after starting the campaign in weak fashion, meanwhile their Eastern Conference foes, the Celtics have started the season 16-2, with 16 straight wins. Although the Cavaliers roster and coaching staff are only interested in focusing on their own team and doing what they can to create success in their own franchise, a lot of reporters have been asking for their thoughts on the Celtics and their strong start to the season.

Kyrie Irving has led the way for his new team, averaging 22.5 points, 5.3 assists, 3.2 rebounds, 1.6 steals and 0.4 blocks in 31.5 minutes of action per night. Many believe the Celtics starting point guard is a front-runner for the Most Valuable Player award, with his team’s success combined with his outstanding play. Although his overall numbers are not the best when stacked against other NBA superstars in the league, his team’s success and the impact he has had on it can be a huge proving point to win the award.

LeBron isn’t focused on the Celtics

Although one of the biggest pieces of news in the NBA recently has been the amazing win streak the Boston Celtics have been on, LeBron James and his fellow Cavaliers teammates and coaching staff are not focused on it.

For the Cleveland Cavaliers, it’s all about getting back to full health and strength, while working on their chemistry with a significant number of new guys on the team. The last thing on their mind is how their opposition in the Eastern Conference are doing. LeBron James was asked about his old teammate, and the things he is doing in the white and green, to which the King said:

“You want me to comment on that?

Nah. I’ve got too much to worry about around here right now trying to get our ship going in the right direction… I’m not going to; I don’t pay attention to too much of what’s going on besides their record and the things they’ve been doing. But they’re playing some good ball right now.”

LeBron shares a compliment though

He did compliment the Celtics though, on their performance against the defending NBA champion, Golden State Warriors.

King James stated that he watched the game between the two powerhouses, and was impressed with the Celtics ability to keep the Warriors from scoring a huge number of points. “There is not many times you see Golden State not going into the 120’s,” said the four-time MVP.

The Boston Celtics defeated the Warriors 92-88 on the 22 point performance from their young and promising star, Jaylen Brown. Kyrie Irving did his thing with 16 points, six assists and five rebounds and Al Horford also put in 18 points and 11 rebounds. It took a team effort for the squad, but the C’s were able to get the job done and continue their winning streak.