The Ottawa Senators acquired forward Matt Duchene on Sunday in a three-team deal that included the Colorado Avalanche and Nashville Predators, according to The Score. Duchene has been in the trade market for quite some time and was shipped to the Senators, while Ottawa let go of forward Kyle Turris, who was sent to the Nashville Predators.

The trade

Talks of a trade came to the surface on Sunday night when Duchene exited the ice during The Avalanche's game facing the New York Islanders.

According to, the Avalanche will gain prospects Samuel Girard and Vladislav Kamenev from the Predators. In addition, reports from Sporting News are also claiming that Senators goaltender Andrew Hammond is also part of the trade.

On Friday, one of the fallbacks in this three-team trade was Turris' agent's disinclination to confer a new contract with the Predators. Turris is on track to become an unrestricted free agent this summer. Websites like Sporting News, are now claiming that Turris has signed a brand new contract with Nashville.

Searching for offense

Overall, the Senators were looking to add an offensive threat on their roster to play down the middle and it was evident that they were going to achieve this by trading for Matt Duchene.

The Senators plan was to send Kyle Turris to the Nashville Predators as part of the trade and that is how it panned out. Matt Duchene has been in talks of being traded for a while now, and even the New York Rangers, at one point were in talks of acquiring Duchene. The Colorado Avalanche started off the season on a poor start, so maybe changing things up is what they need.

Somewhere along the way, the trade fell apart and Matt Duchene was still a member of the Colorado Avalanche. It looked as though the fallback started when there was a disagreement in the detected worth of a prospect that has now come to the Colorado Avalanche. Ottawa was inevitably motivated to gain Duchene, simultaneously, as Colorado was motivated to trade Matt Duchene.

Ottawa was not only motivated but in fact 'very' motivated to acquire Matt Duchene.

The Ottawa Senators have put together a nice team and now with adding Duchene, it will be exciting to see how they continue to play this season and if their offensive spark will be added with having Duchene on the team. It will also be interesting to see how Kyle Turris plays in the Nashville Predators. This 2017/2018 hockey season just got a lot more interesting and it will only continue to.