Cleveland Cavaliers defeated the Milwaukee Bucks in their last game, and even though this was just one regular-season win, it meant a lot for the Cavs. This was their fifth win of the season, but they are still one game under .500 as they have lost six games so far. The Cavaliers will go on a four-game road trip that starts Thursday night in Houston, and they will have to give their maximum effort in order to bounce back and reach a winning record.

The road trip won't be fun, however, as the Cavaliers are once again dealing with injury problems. Derrick Rose will be sidelined against the Houston Rockets as his ankle is still bothering him and won't allow him to play.

With Rose and Isaiah Thomas out, Cleveland will once again be shorthanded and it will be interesting to see who they will play at a point guard position.

Rose's ankle is bothering him again

Derrick Rose suffered an ankle injury in the Cavaliers' first game against the Bucks. This was their second game of the season and the point guard was forced to miss four games because of his ankle. The Cavaliers were 1-3 during his absence and their only win came against the Chicago Bulls.

After his return, the former MVP looked very good, averaging 14.8 points over the course of five games. Rose also shot 47.7 percent from the field and he was incredibly productive considering he was playing under 27 minutes per game.

However, his ankle started bothering him again against the Bucks, which will force him to sit the next game out. It is unknown whether it's the same ankle that he injured earlier in the season, but it most likely is. The ankle injury could turn out to be serious, so the Cavaliers may be without Derrick Rose for their entire road trip.

They will definitely need all the help they can get to get back to the top, but with all the injuries they are dealing with, it won't be easy.

Houston Rockets could easily win

Even though the Houston Rockets will be without their superstar point guard Chris Paul, they will still have a huge advantage over the Cavaliers. Cleveland will not only be shorthanded at a point guard position, but also at center.

With Tristan Thompson out for a few more weeks, they will have to either use Kevin Love or their rookies at the big man position.

James Harden, who is averaging 29.5 points and 9.7 assists per game this season, will be a tough matchup for any player on the Cavaliers. Stopping him will be a key for Cleveland, but considering they don't have many reliable players to count on, this will be an extremely difficult task.