The Cleveland Cavaliers lost one star in the offseason when they traded point guard Kyrie Irving to the Boston Celtics. They could be on the verge of losing another one. ESPN's Adrian Wojnarowski reported on Friday afternoon (Nov. 24) that point guard Derrick Rose had left the team and was contemplating a potential future without basketball. The news simultaneously comes as a shock to the system for Cleveland fans and a tidbit that can't be all too surprising, considering Rose's lengthy injury history and past defection from a team.

Rose leaves the Cavs

About a month ago, Rose rolled his ankle as the result of a physical foul from then-Milwaukee Bucks big man Greg Monroe, an injury that has left him sidelined ever since. His injury history dates back to a devastating ACL tear from his Chicago Bulls tenure and has followed him ever since. Over the past several seasons, he has failed to suit up in over a third of his possible NBA games, including seven this season with Cleveland.

Leaving a team is nothing new for Rose.

Just last season, he temporarily left the New York Knicks to tend to a family matter but failed to inform the organization of his departure, leaving the team scrambling in his wake. He apologized for the manner in which he left the team, but it left a sour taste in the mouths of the organization, who didn't heavily pursue him in free agency this offseason, allowing him to sign with the Cavaliers on a minimum deal.

The circumstances this time around are much different. For starters, he's injured and already not participating in team activities at the moment, while he was an active player (and starter) when he abandoned the Knicks last season. Additionally, Rose has the permission of the Cavaliers to be away from the team for the time being.

Still, there is a growing sense that the end of a once-promising career may finally be on the horizon for a former league MVP.

How this affects the Cavaliers

Since Rose has been dealing with his ankle problems, his absence from the team is minimal, as they've already been coping with that. In fact, the team has been playing better in recent weeks, slowly breaking out of a funk that had the team worried at the beginning of the season. Isaiah Thomas is also waiting in the wings, though he won't make his Cleveland debut for another month, at least.

Rose's absence from the Cavaliers may not be felt on the court, but his disappearance could deliver a big blow to the NBA.