Cleveland Cavaliers are one of the best teams in the NBA and they are expected to make it to the NBA Finals for the fourth straight year. While they are far from the best team in the league, which is the title that belongs to the Golden State Warriors, they are undoubtedly the best team in the East. However, the Cavaliers have been playing awful basketball so far in the season and are currently the 10th spot in the conference.

With seven games played this year, Cleveland has won three games and lost four of them. The Cavaliers needed 17 games to earn their fourth loss last season, but the situation is much worse now.

Even though LeBron James is having another fantastic year, the same thing can't be said about his teammates. With one game under .500, the Cavaliers are frustrated and they decided to hold a team meeting.

'Air-it-out' meeting for Cleveland

Losing three games in a row is never a good thing, especially when it happens in the first few weeks of the season and against weak opponents. The Cavaliers are frustrated and their last loss came against the New York Knicks, the team that is expected to tank this season. It is clear that there are too many issues with the team, and that is why they held a team meeting.

The meeting was held before Tuesday's practice and Head Coach Tyronn Lue did not reveal many details about it.

Apparently, the Cavaliers talked about getting in a better shape. The head coach said that the last few losses were unacceptable and that the only way to improve is to put the work in. "And we're going to do that...When you lose to teams the way we've been getting beat, it's unacceptable," added Lue.

LeBron James has no worries

LeBron James was rather optimistic about the entire situation. There is no doubt that he hates losing games, but he understands that it's still too early in the season and that there are many games left to play. "What is this? October? I'm not about to go crazy over it right now," James said. He also added that the season is too long and that it's not his first time being in this situation.

He said the Cavaliers only need a win and things will get better. Considering they are playing against the Indiana Pacers tonight, the Cavaliers could end their losing streak and earn their fourth victory in the season.

The four-time MVP also said he's excited to see what the future holds for the Cavaliers. They are in a win-now mode and anything less than a championship will probably be considered a failure. However, in order to win it all, the Cavaliers will have to improve and solve their problems.