After seven games of 2017/18 NBA season, the Cleveland Cavaliers are 3-4 and things aren't looking good for them. The reigning Eastern Conference champions have too many flaws in their game, and even though it's too early to predict what will happen next year, it's a fact that the team isn't functioning properly. The Cavaliers have four losses in seven games, and to put it in perspective, it took them 17 games to earn four losses last season.

Even though the Cavaliers have improved their roster over the last few months, they are still struggling to win games and injuries aren't helping them at all.

Furthermore, their defense is simply horrible and that could be a big issue in the long run. Another big issue is the head coach and it's safe to say that Tyronn Lue is on the hot seat. It won't be surprising if the Cavaliers let him go, especially considering that they are in a win-now mode.

Tyronn Lue out of Cleveland?

When LeBron James return to the Cleveland Cavaliers in 2014, he was coached by David Blatt. While Blatt was a great coach in Europe, he couldn't do much in the NBA and he was fired in January 2016, in his second season in the league. Blatt was replaced by his assistant, Tyronn Lue, and Lue has been the Cavaliers' head coach ever since then.

It's interesting to note that the Cavaliers fired David Blatt when they were 30-11 and the top seed in the conference.

With Lue as a head coach, Cleveland finished the season winning 27 games and losing 14, but they managed to win an NBA championship. A season after, the Cavaliers managed to go 51-31, but their record this season is simply not acceptable.

Seven games into the season, the Cavaliers are 10th in the weak East and they are dealing with too many problems.

Right now, Tyronn Lue's head coaching record is 81-49, which translates into a 62.3 percent win rate. He hasn't been a great coach for the Cavaliers and his coaching career in Cleveland may come to an end very soon.

Lue doesn't have control over the team

The Cavaliers have been experimenting with different lineups this season, but it seems that coach Lue has no control over those decisions.

It was LeBron James who told Kevin Love he would be a starting center, while Dwyane Wade decided he would be a backup shooting guard.

Lue's laid-back attitude may have helped him remain a head coach for nearly two years, but someone will have to be held accountable for the early-season struggles the Cavaliers are going through.