The National Basketball Association has its fair share of tall point guards. Magic Johnson took the league by storm as he towered over most of his opponents. The greatest player in NBA history, Michael Jordan, was a six foot six point guard at times, who had the ability to make plays all over the court. When fans converse about the play of the NBA today they do not fail to mention the most recent problem for opposing guards in the NBA. Ben Simmons has begun to make his mark in the NBA and it is showing through his explosive play on the hardwood.

The new breed

With the first pick in the 2016 NBA Draft, the Philadelphia 76ers selected Ben Simmons, a versatile weapon out of the country of Australia. Unfortunately, due to injuries, Simmons did not play much during his first NBA season. It was said that Simmons would make his NBA debut during the 2017 season. When his moment came, he was ready and he has been taking the league by storm ever since. His seventeen points per game is also accompanied by nine rebounds and seven assists. Over the last ten games, Simmons has shot above fifty percent from the floor. His minutes on the floor have begun to steadily increase as a result of his ability to produce efficient minutes on the hardwood. Simmons is accompanied by teammates who have made converting to the NBA lifestyle easier.

While the team is trying to mature in the world itself, the basketball world would love to see how quick this young team can develop into something special.

Power to the youth

The Philadelphia 76ers have one of the youngest teams in the NBA. Markelle Fultz and Joel Embiid are also up-and-coming NBA athletes who aspire to become great one day as well.

With veteran leadership provided by former Clippers shooting guard J.J Reddick, the youth on the 76ers' roster have an opportunity to learn and grow as the season continues. Currently, the Philadelphia 76ers hold a record of 8-6 on the season as they plan to take on the Golden State Warriors on Saturday. The matchup between Ben Simmons and Steph Curry will grab the attention of most NBA fans because Simmons creates so many mismatch opportunities for the Philadelphia offense.

Saturday will be the ultimate indicator of where the 76ers stand talent-wise as they take on the defending champions in Philadelphia. If Ben can continue showing that he is one of a kind, the 76ers might have an opportunity to do something special in the city of Brotherly Love.