LeBron James has been one of the top players in the NBA for 15 years now but he has never once had an official eject him from the game. That all changed on Tuesday night when referee Kane Fitzgerald assessed LeBron with two technical fouls and disqualified him from the game. The move completely shocked the Cleveland Cavaliers star and he had a lot to say about the ejection after that game.

What caused the LeBron James ejection?

The LeBron James ejection happened near the end of the third quarter when LeBron was dribbling up the court and tried for a layup.

According to ESPN, James said that he missed the layup because Miami Heat forward James Johnson fouled him on the attempt.

James then told referee Kane Fitzgerald that Johnson fouled him and moved on to the next play. However, as LeBron James was moving on after stating his case, Fitzgerald gave him the two technical fouls and issued the ejection from the game. The Cleveland Cavaliers were leading the game, 93-70 at the time of the ejection.

The LeBron James ejection was the first of his long career. There are only two active NBA players who had played more games without an ejection and they are Pau Gasol (1,139) and Tony Parker (1,144). This was LeBron's 1,082nd game.

After the game, LeBron was talking to reporters about the ejection and said that he was surprised that he got two technicals in a row.

He said that he said what he had to say and that he was moving on but Fitzgerald wanted to throw him out. As James said, "it is what it is."

LeBron James thoughts on the referee's calls

Interestingly, LeBron James also has an idea what the referees are trying to pull off with the recent calls against him.

James said that he is one of the league leaders in points in the paint but he believes that the officials don't want him driving to the basket anymore.

LeBron said that he drives the lane as much as anybody. However, James said that he believes that "they" want to turn him into a jump shooter. He said that isn't possible because he isn't a jump shooter.

James also said that he watches multiple basketball games every night and sees jump shooters going to the line many times while he gets fouled as much as anyone else and doesn't get the calls

When the LeBron James ejection occurred, he had scored 21 points with 12 rebounds and six assists. Interestingly, he only went to the free throw line once in the game, which is likely what bothered him when Johnson fouled him before the ejection. The Cleveland Cavaliers still won the game, 108-97.

"It is what it is," James said. "We got the win, and that's what's most important."