Stephen Curry's outburst on Saturday brought his second game ejection of his entire career. During a contested, but successful drive to the basket, Curry thought he was fouled. It took less than a second for him to realize, the foul wasn't called and there came his Mouthpiece hurled at the direction official Scott Wall. Curry defended his action saying he did not throw his mouthpiece at the referee.

Stephen Curry defends his action

Talking to ESPN's Chris Haynes, Curry said: "I didn't throw my mouthpiece at the ref. I got better aim than that. I threw it out of frustration." He further added that he noticed several fouls that should have been called, but they weren't.

And when it came to that specific play, he's ready to vent out, and that's how he earns his second ejection.

Despite his defensive statement, he admits what he did was wrong and that there was no excuse for his action. "I deserved to get kicked out. Obviously, I'll learn from it and try not to do it again," he added. Meanwhile, Curry believes that a game suspension is too harsh for punishment, suggesting a fine is enough to make him remember not to repeat the offense.

Meanwhile, Stephen Curry is not the only player who got ejected from Saturday's game. Kevin Durant, who tried to reason out on the "no call" foul get tossed out from the game. "I felt Steph got fouled on that drive, and I let [Wall] know about it, and he threw me out," Durant said.

Kevin Durant joins Stephen Curry

Fellow teammate Draymond Green did not take the two ejections lightly. During a postgame interview, he said that if they want to win some games, they need to stop such ejections. "We had two guys get ejected. If we're going to win, have a possibility of winning another championship, guys can't be getting ejected like that."

During the 2015 - 2016 NBA season, Stephen Curry was ejected for a similar "mouthpiece throwing" during the finals.

He was thrown out from the game at the most crucial time when the Warriors were trying to take home another win to win the championship possibly. The Cleveland Cavaliers went home with the championship trophy.

Coach Steve Kerr, on the other hand, made a sarcastic comment saying, Steph should be suspended for eight games. After all, Steph Curry's action "endangered thousands in the stands." The Golden State Warriors are 1-2 on record and part of the frustration is blamed on the slow start of the defending champions.